GEC Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 12th, 2005

3:30-5:50 pm

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present: Emily Johnson (chair), Sandy Grunwald, Eric Kraemer, Stephen McDougal, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Bruce Riley, Soojin Ritterling, Brian Udermann

Consultants Present: Keith Beyer, Chris Bakkum, Bruce May, Diane Schumacher

Guests Present:  LeeAnn Fatura, Betsy Morgan,  Anne Galbraith, Deb Hoskins


I.   Welcome and Introductions

II.  M/S/P to approve the May 2, 2005 minutes

      M/S/P to approve the August 24, 2005 minutes

III.  Announcements

A.     The Student Association has appointed two students to GEC: Devyn Strand and Ha Nguyen.  A third may be appointed after fall freshmen elections.

B.     Michael Devine has resigned from GEC per the request of his department.

C.     AACU grant application has been submitted.  Recipients will be notified by September 21, 2005.  The grant aims to coordinate a 16 institution consortium that focuses on global learning as a major theme in General Education.  Emily will send the submitted grant to the committee.

D.     Emily will also send the written comments from the faculty survey.

E.      Emily has interviewed several candidates for the GE assistant and needs to speak with Liz to make final arrangements.

IV.  Reports

A.  The assessment team has met with David Reineke (who is doing the statistical analysis) and Sandy is working on the final report.  The goal is to make the report more reader friendly than the preliminary report appeared.  Sandy will continue to send updates and will work toward having a full report to GEC by the next meeting, if possible.

B.  There were four representatives from the Design Team at the meeting to field further questions. 

1.  Learning Outcomes.  The Design Team re-organized the Learning Outcomes from the 5/16/05 draft and submitted it as part of their report.  D-team members explained that page 15 of the report provides some rational for the organization into four categories. Some concern was raised about the number of categories;  the 5/16/05 draft included 7 categories but the D-Team reorganized them into four. The D-Team reasoned that with four categories it would be easier to communicate with faculty, staff and students, in addition to it providing communication flexibility.  The idea of four broad categories was borrowed from another school. The names of the four categories also was discussed.  D-team members present indicated that the categories certainly could have different names if the GEC felt that that was needed.  It was argued that the seven categories reflected ideas conveyed during the faculty-listening sessions  that some members of the ad hoc learning outcome group held last spring.  It was suggested the goal/category name, “Breadth of Knowledge,” be changed. 

M/S/P to approve the learning outcomes as organized by the four categories proposed by the D-Team as they appear on pages 17 and 18 of their report. GEC reserves the right to rename the four categories if they see fit.

Suggested changes to the category names will be on the agenda for the September, 19th meeting.  

2.  Other discussion regarding the Design Team report: Questions were raised about the courses in departments that don’t neatly fall into the traditional liberal arts areas of Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. Additional courses in these areas would be required after students had completed the freshmen and university core requirements.  Students would not need to take courses in the area in which their major fit.  The D-Team indicated that departments could decide where their courses best fit It was clarified that the Department can decide which content area they fall into, as outlined on page 15. 


Students transferring to UW-L would be required to take UWL 110 during their first fall semester in residence at UW-L.  Also, as per system policy, if the transfer student satisfied the general education requirements at another UW-System school, we would accept those as satisfying UW-L’s requirements as well.  The general education program changes will begin with a freshman class and will, therefore, take fours years for the full implementation of a revised program.  Some programs have transfer courses that are required of students who transfer in their junior or senior year. GEC will need to consider carefully what requirements will be made of transfer students.


3.  GE has remained virtually the same since 1991 and the D-Team would like to see some progress made in program changes and/or assessment.  Assessment will provide the “muscle” for GEC to implement more  changes to the curriculum over time.  The Design-Team’s report is based on the idea that curriculum and program improvement will evolve over time as we continue with program assessment. 

M/S/P to approve the Design Team Report as a working document to move forward with program improvement.  


V.  Other actions.

A.  Dates for review of courses and WIMP proposals.

M/S/P.  October 17 and 31 in the fall 2005 semester and February 20 and March 6 in the Spring 2006 semester will be set aside for review of new or revised courses and Writing in the Major Program (WIMP) proposals.  Emily will send this information to chairs as soon as possible.  Departments will be required to address the learning outcomes, and a revised LX 140 form will be developed.  This assumes Faculty Senate passage of the learning outcomes.


B. Decisions about the use of the Innovations Fund and deadlines for such proposals will be considered after further discussion and decisions related to the D-Team report.


C.  Goals, strategies, and timelines for the year will be discussed in light of the D-Team’s report and will begin in earnest at the September 19, 2005 meeting.


VI.  Other.

A.  Members were reminded of Constitution Day which will be celebrated at UW-L on September 14, 2005 with a presentation by Stephen McDougal.  Members are encouraged to attend and should encourage the students in their classes to attend.


  B.  Next regularly scheduled meeting is September 19, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 5:19 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

   LeeAnn Fatura (invited recorder)