Committees members present:  Phil Bice, Bonnie Bratina, Kay Dailey, Mike Durnin, and Kerrie Hoar  (Excused:  Sue Anglehart, Peggy Denton & Don Socha)


Minutes of October 28 meeting will be accepted at Dec. 2 meeting.




1.  Kerrie and Peggy attended a meeting with Provost Hitch on Tuesday, November 8, regarding IAS information requested by Kerrie.  Betsy Morgan (Faculty Assistant to Provost), Jennifer Wilson (HR) and Teri Thill (Institution Researcher) were also present.  This meeting was called by the Provost in response to Kerrie’s recent request to the Deans for a copy of their IAS Workload Reports.  The Provost informed us that these reports contained differing information, so they would not be made available to our committee.  In response to our request for IAS information (name, department, email, title, FTE, years of service & workload), HR has offered to get us a list of IAS and their departments – this report could also contain information on FTE and title.  We will need to get the email list from IT.  J. Wilson informed us that since no computerized database exists for IAS, our complete data request would require HR to physically go through IAS files.  Our committee will need to decide if we want to contact each IAS to collect this data once we have received a list of names from HR.  Provost Hitch and B. Morgan are compiling all IAS reports that have been received by the Provost’s office into one report and will contact our committee to meet again once this document has been compiled.  Provost Hitch is anxious to work on IAS titles and get all IAS into appropriate title categories.  She stated that the two title series (Lecturer and Clinical Professor) should encompass all IAS on campus.


2.  Dave Riley of Joint Budget and Planning Committee requested that Kerrie attend their meeting on Wednesday, November 16, to discuss the items that the IAS committee is working on.  JPB was informed by Provost Hitch that our committee was working on IAS workload.  JBP is interested in a Faculty Senate resolution regarding IAS workload.  They would like to discuss either bringing forward a joint resolution with IAS Committee or giving full JPB support to such a resolution brought to Senate by IAS Committee.




Discussion on these two meetings ensued.  It was decided that our committee would bring forward our recommendation that Faculty Senate adopt the Lecturer series and the Clinical Professor series as the two title series for IAS at UW-La Crosse.  This would also come with a recommendation that IAS meet with their department chairs to determine which title best fit his/her situation.  Once these title series are adopted, our committee can bring forward recommendations for Career Progression Policies and Procedures.


It was determined that the IAS Committee needs to get the two titling series approved by Faculty Senate as soon as possible, so that we can move on to our work on Career Progression.  Kerrie will use the SAH Task Force Report as a basis to draft a report on Title Series and forward this to IAS Committee members for review (and approval on Dec. 2).


It was decided that the IAS Committee would need to discuss workload further before bringing a resolution to Faculty Senate.  Kerrie will attend the Nov. 16 JPB meeting and bring back information for further discussion by IAS committee.




After discussion with Dave Riley, Kerrie has also requested current information on Contracts, Workload and Career Progression from IAS at other UW campuses.  She will bring this information to the next IAS Committee meeting.


We will meet again on December 2 at 1PM in Cowley 116 to discuss drafts of Title Series Report and IAS Workload Resolution.  If approved, these could potentially go to Faculty Senate for approval on December 8.


Respectively Submitted by Kerrie Hoar