International Education Committee

Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2005

133 Graff Main Hall

Present: T. Hench (Chair), S. Rajagopal, J. Young, L. Poulton, K. Koppelman, C. Reithel, V. Macías González, J. Lokken, K. Bald, T. McAndrews

Absent: D. Howard, J. Koslowski

1.  The meeting was called to order at 1:05 pm.  In the absence of D. Howard, T. McAndrews took the minutes.

2.  October 6 minutes were approved.

3.  Membership: Karolyn Bald joined the committee and is serving as the Academic Staff representative on the committee.  Derek Cockler is to serve as the second student representative, though he was not present at this meeting.

4.  Open Discussion Re: Study Tour Program Guidelines and McAndrews' Recommendations: T. Hench noted that he discussed the committee's discussions regarding faculty run international programs with Carmen Wilson who was pleased with our attempt to address and refine the process. 

The committee discussed the question raised in McAndrews' proposal regarding the committee's role in 'approving' Study Tour Programs.  J. Lokken advised that the approval function is necessary due to liability reasons as per UW System policy.  The committee agreed, however, that in cases where the proposed Study Tour is a new course that requires UCC approval that faculty obtain UCC approval prior to obtaining IEC approval.  Furthermore, in the "spirit of being a help, not a hindrance" we discussed rewording the Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs to clarify that our role is to facilitate the process rather than to obstruct it.

Discussion turned to the current procedure outlined in Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs for New and Ongoing Programs.  It was agreed that it is appropriate to have separate procedures for New and Ongoing Programs; however, current guidelines for Ongoing Programs requires revision, though no specific procedure was outlined.

J. Lokken shared that only in rare instances have faculty followed the procedures for Ongoing Programs and Program Assessment as outlined in Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs.  It became clear to the committee through this discussion that there is a disconnect between the guidelines and actual practice. 

The committee agreed that it should work toward developing more functional guidelines that make clear that IEC's role is to advise and facilitate the development and approval of international programs.

5.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


Minutes submitted by:

Tim McAndrews