UW-L Faculty Senate Library Committee Meeting


November 16, 2005

Murphy Library, Room 120


Present:  Karl Kattchee (chair, Mathematics); Darlene Lake (Modern Languages); William Barillas (English); Chia-Chen Yu (Exercise and Sports Science); Cynthia Berlin (Geography); Glenn Knowles (Economics); Anita Evans (Murphy Library); Paul Beck (Murphy Library)


Meeting called to order at 11:05 a.m.


  1. Minutes approved by voice vote: October 2005 (with change of Karl Kattchee’s last name).
  2. Kattchee reported his contact with undergraduate student representative of library committee about meeting dates and time.
  3. Kattchee (chair) and Evans (Director of Murphy Library) reported meeting (Monday, 11/07/2005) with R. Lostetter and S. Radtke regarding differential tuition, segregated fee, and library café.

4.      The committee discussed the pros and cons of segregated fee and differential tuition for library fee.

  1. The committee discussed differential tuition.

n      Differential tuition is raised annually from the students and matched by the administration/university. It is a student-approved fee that provides UWL with approximately $375,000 in annual funding to support academic initiatives, a student controlled program that was implemented in early 2004. There are four main components to the academic initiatives program: a. academic advising, b. diversity, c. research, and d. international education.

n      Each student pays $20 per semester.

n      Possibility to establish a “fresh” differential tuition?

·        The current system is on a “five year plan.” Proposal of “fresh” differential tuition might take three years to go through from Student Senate, Oversight Committee (or a new committee) and ultimately to the Regents before it gets approved. It also needs students’ support and formal approval.

n      (Re)allocations of differential tuition

·        R. Lostetter and S. Radtke recommended (re)allocations of differential tuition. For example, reduce the amount of money from the other component, e.g. International Education.

·        Need to meet the Academic Initiative Oversight Committee (Dr. Mick Miyamoto, Interim Dean of Students and four student representatives) if the library committee recommends (re)allocations of differential tuition for library fee.

·        If the library committee recommends (re)allocation of differential tuition, the proposal needs to move quickly because some of the money is for positions.


  1. The committee discussed segregated fees.

n      Student segregated fees fund a number of the activities, programs, and student organizations at UW-L.

·        Each student pays $427.40 per semester.

·        The top four categories (Union Center, Health Center, Textbook Rental, and Rec Center) account for 79% of the fee.

·        Establishing new category under segregated fee does not need university match.

·        Approval of new category in segregated fee could move forward quicker.

·        The table below breaks down approximately what percent of the overall fees are spent in each area. 



Spring 2005

% of Total




Textbook Rental



Municipal Services



Child Care Center



Health Center



Union Center



Rec Center



Organized Activities













n      The committee discussed the charge of Library Committee regarding library fee.

·        The charge of Library Committee from Faculty Senate is “explore the establishment of a library fee through differential tuition to maintain and upgrade library resources.”

n      The committee discussed the appropriate amount for library fee.

·        Kattchee and Evans suggested forming subcommittee to explore the possibility and to discuss the appropriate library fee.

·        Proposal to request library fee could be based on the needs of students and faculty members from the results of LibQUAL+ Survey.

n                  Additional hours from J-term

·        Input from student representatives of library committee is critical.


  1. The committee discussed current status and the operation plan of library café.

n      In 2000, Librarian Stefan Smith illustrated the space planning with floor chart and diagram. Smith reported the results of survey which indicated that library cafes were successful and profitable.

n      Kattchee and Evans suggested forming subcommittee to meet with Matt Lewis, Engineer of Campus Facility, for final floor plan of library café.

n      The committee discussed the revenue split and operation or of library café.


  1. Director’s Report

n      Feedback about “Creating custom sets for QuickSet” for a course or assignment.

·        Need to introduce the features of QuickSet to faculty members -- could be through library liaisons.

n      Library budget

·        Lower budget for collection and staff compared to other UW institutions. Need to get message out to the student body.

n      Personnel Update

n      Classroom modification

·        Due on Friday (11/18/05) to present plan for 1st floor classroom modification.

·        Tight budget for tables, chairs, computer, and scanning equipment.

·        Quote of $13,000 to move the shelving.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.


Submitted by Chia-Chen Yu