Minutes of PTS Meeting, 9-20-05


Present: Brooks, Galbraith, Khandfer, Krajewski, Sandheinrich, Sullivan, Tollefson, Winfrey


Meeting began at 2:30pm in 432 CWH.


M/S/A minutes from last meeting on April 1st.


M/S/A TJ Brooks as Chair.


M/S/A rotating secretary, beginning with Galbraith.


Report due to Senate on 10-13 regarding final recommendations about salary compensation for J-term and summer school. Began discussion of this topic and catching new members up to speed.


Split into three main issues to tackle for next meeting:

1. amount of pay (TJ and Wahhab)

2. uncertainty in contracts (Dick and Anne)

3. purpose of summer school and how curriculum is decided (Sandy, Mike T, Mark, Mike W)


Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm.


Next meeting 2:15pm, Thursday, September 29th.


Respectfully submitted,


Anne Galbraith