February 14, 2006



Members Present:                Baggett, Frye, Kastantin, McDougal, Miller

Members Absent:                                Angell, Kohl, Socha (exc), Wood (exc), Wycoff-Horn

Consultants:                                         Dittman, Johnson, Keller, Schumacher

Guests:                                                   Ardovino, Fisher, Reithel


1.             M/S/P to approve minutes of January 31, 2006.


2.             Second Readings:

Inclusive Recreation Minor, 21 credits, new program, effective Fall 2006. Note: Approved by Academic Planning Committee, February 2, 2006.


M/S/P to approve proposal.


The second reading for the Community Health Education proposal was postponed.


3.             First Readings:


Proposal #1: 

                POL 326, Mock Trial I: Trial Advocacy, change to repeatable for maximum 6 credits.


                POL 329, Mock Trial II: Preparation, change to repeatable for maximum 4 credits.


M/S/P to waive second reading and approve proposal. Vote 4-0-1


  1. Old business:  Chair Miller distributed examples of various ways departments list additional requirements (hidden prerequisites) in their catalog description


Committee continued discussion of the Faculty Senate charge. Specific definitions will be addressed at next meeting. Additional questions to be considered: a) What is role of instructor? b) What are learning activities? c) How is learning assessed?


Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.