Academic Program Review Committee Meeting Minutes

1:00 PM  March 6, 2007  116 Cowley Hall 


Present: Victoria Calmes, George Cravens, Walter Elder, Chris Frye, Ann Hendricks, Mike Hoffman, Paul Keaton, John Ready, Helen Skala, 

Absent:  None


Minutes from previous committee meeting held on 10/24/06:  M/S/A


As we implement the new format for writing reports, committee members are asked to pay attention to how we might need to change the format to accommodate all the reports more adequately.


Mike Hoffman presented the sub-committee’s report on the Academic Program Review of PETE.  The original report was organized in a way that was difficult for the committee to read.  The PETE program is a highly recognized program statewide.  They have good post-graduate assessments in place.  A close to five-year graduation rate may need to be addressed.  Recommend that assessment methods for student learning outcomes while students are enrolled in program be strengthened.  Concern was expressed that this had not been sufficiently addressed since mentioned in the last program review.  A more specific mission statement especially in regards to their relationship with physical education could be helpful in clarifying assessment needs.  After discussion, additional recommendations to include more information on the advising process and specifics regarding how long it takes on average to graduate.  Sub-committee’s report with recommendations was passed unanimously. 


Chris Frye presented the sub-committee’s report on the Academic Program Review of the Mathematics Department.  The self-study is very well done.  Goals and objectives are clearly stated and their mission statement is very positive, even upbeat. 


Chair recommends that, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, committee members that are also department members be excused during the review of their department’s APR. 


Helen Skala is excused while discussion of the Mathematics Department’s APR continues.


Continuing, Chris Frye, mentioned that department weaknesses seem to include an inconsistent assessment plan and a need for more staffing.  Previous concerns about dropout and failure rates in general education classes are being addressed.  Recommendations from their self-study and external review were to increase undergraduate research, participation in and profile of the math club, number of guest speakers, and the overall awareness of the program on campus.  Comparing comparable institutions’ retention rates among the student populations was also mentioned as potentially providing some benefit.  APR subcommittee recommendations include to continue to attract and recruit high quality faculty, continue to encourage student research, continue to attract and retain majors, and raise FTE.  The subcommittee’s report on the academic program review of the Mathematics Department was M/S/A.


Walter Elder excused himself for the presentation and discussion of the subcommittee’s report on the Theatre Arts Department’s APR.  Helen Skala returned.  Mike Hoffman took minutes. 


John Ready presented and overview of the Theatre Arts Department and their APR report.  Theatre Arts has a strong assessment program but they need facilities.  CFA expansion and new building could address these needs.  Some changes and modifications were recommended for the report and the final draft will be distributed and approved by email.


Next committee meetings will be held on 4/5/07 and 4/19/07 at 1:10PM in Cowley 116.


On 4/5/07 APR subcommittee reports on Computer Science, Geography, and the Honors Program will be presented and discussed.


On 4/19/07 APR subcommittee reports on Music, NMT, and Chemistry will be presented and discussed.


Meeting Adjourned 3:00 PM


Minutes respectfully submitted by Walter Elder