Academic Program Review Committee Meeting Minutes

1:00 PM  April 5, 2007  116 Cowley Hall    


Present: Victoria Calmes, Billy Clow, Walter Elder, Chris Frye, Ann Hendricks, Mike Hoffman, John Ready, Helen Skala, 

Excused: George Cravens, Haixia Lan

Absent: Paul Keaton  


Minutes from previous committee meeting held on 3/6/07 will be distributed by email to the committee prior to the next committee meeting.


Computer Science

Billy Clow presented the subcommittee report on the Department of Computer Science.  After discussion and recommendations of minor revisions, the subcommittee’s report was M/S/A by full committee.


Geography/Earth Science

Helen Skala presented the subcommittee’s report on the Department of Geography/Earth Science.  Revisions to subcommittee’s report to include the following:  subcommittee/prepared by names, submission to the Dean’s office and APR completion dates, and the date of the external review.  Committee recommends 7 years to next APR.  Subcommittee’s report was M/S/A with revisions.


University Honors Program

Mike Hoffman presented the subcommittee’s report on the University Honors Program. The subcommittee’s recommendations will be revised to reflect discussion.  M/S/A with revisions.


NCA Assessment Recommendations

A plan to implement NCA Assessment Recommendations as part of the APR process was discussed.  Committee is cautious about assuming these responsibilities.  In terms of oversight and implementation, assessment is seen as an administrative and departmental responsibility.  Clear guidelines will need to be established about the scope and responsibilities of the committee especially if any committee actions would be tied to budgetary decisions.  Concern was raised about the increase in workload for the committee and committee member’s lack of expertise regarding assessment issues.  Recommendation was made for Mike to invite Carmen Wilson and Bill Cerbin to next committee meeting to discuss these concerns.


Next committee meeting will be held on 4/19/07 at 1:10PM in Cowley 116.  APR subcommittee reports on Music, NMT, and Chemistry will be presented and discussed.


Meeting Adjourned 3:00 PM


Minutes respectfully submitted by Walter Elder