Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for October 20, 2006  Draft




Members Present:  LeDocq , Klock, Weaver, Cary, Cherne, Shanks,  Lee

Members excused: Gillis

Consultants/Guests present: Schumacher, Thill, Kiefer, Dittman


1. Called to order at 3:40 by chair LeDocq.


2. M/s/p approved minutes of the previous meeting (9/15) as submitted.


3. Student member was introduced: Jon Klock.


4.  The chair repeated and clarified the special charge to examine concerns about transfer students in light of the Growth and Access plan, which might result in larger numbers of transfer students. 


5.  Teri Thill presented data the committee requested about transfer students.  Discussion followed.  Committee’s perception is that the data does not reveal significant differences between native and transfer students, and that the data are somewhat problematic.   Also noted that when enrollment targets go up, the GPA threshold for transfer students sometimes goes down, which may mean more students who struggle.

Committee requested more data. 


6. Announcement that the committee has received a student appeal, which will be heard at the next meeting, either 10/27 or 11/10.


7. Suggestion that the CAPS committee should have a regularly scheduled meeting time.  Chair will investigate what times other regular meetings are scheduled. 


8. Suggestion that CAPS request that the mid term grade submission deadline be moved to Monday rather than Friday before last day to drop.   Diane Schumacher will investigate procedures and timing.


9. Request from the Growth and Access team for a representative from CAPS to serve on the team.  Becky volunteered.  Thank you Becky.


10.  Meeting adjourned at 5:05PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Beth Cherne, Rotating Secretary