Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for November 10, 2006



Members present: LeDocq, Shanks, Weaver, Gillis, Cary, Lake

Members excused: Klock, Cherne

Consultants/Guests present: Thill, Dittman, Burkhardt, Kiefer, Schumacher


1. Called to order at 3:35 by Chair LeDocq.


2. M/s/p approved minutes of the previous meeting (10/20/06) as submitted.


3. A student appeal was heard from XXXXXXX(SAH). The student asked to be allowed to transfer the equivalent of MTH 151, Precalculus, from UW-Whitewater even though they attempted the course at UW-L and have a failing grade on their record.


4. M/s/p to accept requirements but not grades on the student appeal.


5. Chair LeDocq wanted to get some summary points today, but questioned if we had enough to make specific recommendations to the Faculty Senate next week.


6. Chair LeDocq explained some details of the process for the report as regards statistics. Discussion of the statistics ensued.


7. Members discussed the following concerns about transfer students/the report:

·        Is this the sort of report we want? The consensus of the committee was yes.

·        Chair LeDocq stated that the numbers are too small to say anything definite.

·        Questions were raised: How many students at UW-L are transfer students?

Should we acknowledge that transfer students are different from native students? Is there a continued need to provide additional support in advising to help them be successful here?

·        The issue about GPA comes up when targets are not met, but then it’s too late to get freshmen. What if the transfer target were set higher initially?

·        The admittance of transfer students is based on the fact that continuing student numbers are lower. Therefore, their admittance is based on space available.

·        A suggestion was made to set realistic targets for transfer students. The more transfer students there are, the lower the GPA.

·        Should we change our recruitment efforts?

·        Are transfer students really a problem? Are there really any solutions we can recommend?

·        Diane Schumacher asked if CAPS wants to put anything in the report in light of the Growth and Access conversations on campus re the acceptance of more transfer students.


8. Conclusions: While CAPS acknowledges that transfer students don’t do as well as native students, we can make at this time no specific recommendations.


9. Another question was brought up: Is it possible to discuss core courses taught during J-Term? Chair LeDocq responded that if we have time we can discuss it; if not, it can be part of the charges for next year.


10. The main agenda item for next meeting (12/1): Comprehensive Admissions. A secondary agenda item: Extending the deadline for submitting midterm grades.


11. Diane Schumacher stated that she was not opposed to extending the deadline for submitting midterm grades to Monday.


12. Meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Darlene M. Lake, Rotating Secretary