Committee on Academic Policies and Standards

Minutes for Friday, December 1, 2006

3:32 – 4:55 Room 325 Graff Main Hall


Present:            Melanie Cary, Beth Cherne, Rick Gillis, Jonathan Klock, Becky LeDocq, Joyce Shanks


Excused:           Chuck Lee, Todd Weaver


Consultants:      Amelia Dittman, Diane Schumacher


Guests:             Pat DiRocco, Kathy Kiefer, Jake Magnuson


1.      Minutes of November 10, 2006, will be reviewed at a later date.


2. Pat DiRocco, Chair of ESS, presented three time appeals for J Term classes in ESS:


MSP- To appeal the J Term time waiver, as a one time change appeal, of ESS 100-090/091/092 Snowboarding for 1 credit if the class totals 28 hours. 


MSP- To appeal the J Term time waiver, as one time change appeals, of ESS 100-099 Teaching Outdoor Skills for 1 credit and ESS 348-099 Theory of Coaching Football.   


3. Diane Schumacher and Kathy Kiefer presented the Comprehensive Admission Review report.  A UW System Task Force looked at holistic admissions to make sure processes cover recent challenges to admissions procedures.  Now the policies do not state strict requirements but are stated as guidelines to give students information on the likelihood of being admitted.   


Primary Factors

Rigor of high school courses

Class rank and/or grade point average

ACT or SAT scores

Secondary Factors




Special Talents



The report includes a recommendation for the establishment of an enrollment council. 


MSP to endorse the Comprehensive Admission Review report. 


4. Members discussed due dates for midterm grades. 


MSP to recommend the midterm reporting grades due date be changed from Friday of week 7 at 8:00 a.m. to Monday of week 8 at 8:00 a.m. each semester. 


5. Members discussed the potential need for a set time for CAPS meetings that could be advertised by Faculty Senate for people who may want to sign up for the committee. 


MSP to recommend making a set meeting time for CAPS. 


6. The December 15 meeting will be cancelled.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 17 to hear student appeals. 


Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Shanks

Secretary pro tem.