APC – Academic Planning Committee Annual Report 2006 - 2007:

Typically APC reviews new programs that have been previously reviewed by more influential governing bodies. As such, we attempt to be supportive and prompt. Along these lines, we approved a nutrition program and two microbiology programs. See attached minutes.


Additionally, this year we were asked to review the guidelines for approving Certificate Programs. The guidelines were part of a pilot program for approval of both credit and non-credit certificate programs. As the pilot program called for annual reports from existing Certificate Programs to be reviewed by the Provost’s Office and APC, and to everyone’s knowledge this had never been done, the APC committee recommended in conjunction with the Dean’s Council that all Certificate Programs submit a report prior to Fall Term 2007 to be reviewed by the Provost’s Office and APC. Upon review, APC would make any necessary recommendations to the guidelines approved under the pilot program and presumably draw the pilot program to an end. Liz Hitch and Betsy Morgan did some great work on summarizing the recommendations of the APC and Deans Council. See attached.


Subsequent to the APC’s work on guidelines for approving a Certificate Program, APC received a request to approve a Certificate of Russian Studies Program. As chair, I elected to defer this to APC 07-08. Deferring this request was the right decision for several reasons; however, I angered the faculty supporting the new certificate. I probably would have been angry as well. Regardless, prompt consideration should be given to the review of this certificate proposal.


APC was not contacted regarding any aspect of Growth and Access.


My recommendations:

The committee needs to be convened very promptly.

The Guidelines for Certificate Programs need to be amended as necessary and the pilot program needs to close. Annual reports of all Certificate Programs should be reviewed prior to changes to the guidelines. The Certificate Program reports are due to the Provost and APC by Sept 1, 2007.

I would recommend the expeditious review of the Certificate of Russian Studies Program as submitted to the APC committee.


If you have questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact me.


Rob Wolf, Finance Dept

APC, 06 – 07, Chair