Faculty Development Committee Minutes

October 4, 2006


Present: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Jeanne Danneker, Ann Hendricks, Karl Kattchee, Jennifer Miskowski, Aric Opdahl,


Absent: Sharon Scherwitz, Arne Sippola


Consultant: Bill Cerbin


1. Call to order at 2:15 by convener Ann Hendricks.

2. MSP approve minutes of 9-20-06.

3. MSP to elect Karl Kattchee as committee chair.

4. Participation of Jennifer Miskowski: Consensus – Jennifer’s expertise is valued by all members; we invited her to continue to serve. She agreed to remain on the committee. 

5. Faculty Senate Charge: Find ways to advertise the Faculty Development Committee Grants to increase the number of applications. Further discussion will take place after the grants from this fall have been reviewed.

6. Applications are due October 20. The Provost’s Office will notify the chair; the chair will contact the committee about picking up the applications and inform us of the next meeting date (possibly Oct. 25 or Nov. 1).

7. Meeting adjourned at 2:40


Submitted by Jeanne Danneker