Faculty Development Committee Minutes

February 28, 2007


Present: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Jeanne Danneker, Ann Hendricks, Karl Kattchee, Jennifer Miskowski, Aric Opdahl, Arne Sippola

Absent: Sharon Scherwitz

Consultant: Bill Cerbin


  1. Call to order 2:17 by Karl Kattchee
  2. MSP approve minutes of November 8, 2006
  3. Discussion of remarks from Sandy Grunwald: 1. We have no problematic committee members on the current Faculty Development Committee; 2. Karl reminded committee members eligible to serve on this committee during the next school year to check and turn in the green form.
  4. Discussion of proposals.
  5. S. Weathers will email ballots to the committee with explanation of points and deadline. We will meet next Wednesday (3/7/07) to discuss tabulated results.
  6. MSP adjourn meeting 3:06.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Danneker