Faculty Development Committee Minutes

March 7, 2007


Present: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Jeanne Danneker, Ann Hendricks, Karl Kattchee, Jennifer Miskowski, Aric Opdahl, Sharon Scherwitz Arne Sippola

Absent: none

Consultant: Bill Cerbin


  1. Call to order 2:17 by Karl Kattchee
  2. Discussion and voting on proposals:
    1. MSP fully fund Schneider, et al proposal 9-0-0
    2. MSP fully fund Mc Cannon proposal 9-0-0
    3. MSP approve Kelly proposal 9-0-0
    4. MSP fully fund Beck proposal 9-0-0
    5. MSP approve and fully fund Berlin proposal 9-0-0
    6. MSP approve Poulton proposal 8-1-0
    7. MSF approve Ardovino proposal 0-9-0
    8. MSF approve Davidson proposal 1-8-0
    9. MSP fully fund Kelly proposal 9-0-0
    10. MSP fund Poulton proposal at $3,000. 8-0-0 (JM had to leave)
    11. MSP recommend that Provost apply the remainder of the money to Faculty Development 8-0-0
  3. Discussion of how to increase awareness and attractiveness of Faculty Development Grants. It was suggested that funding be increased to equal research grants.
  4. MSP increase Teaching Innovation Grants to $1,500. to increase quality of proposals.
  5. MSP adjourn meeting 3:11.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Danneker