Faculty Development Committee Minutes

September 20, 2006


Present: Jeanne Danneker, Ann Hendricks, Karl Kattchee, Jennifer Miskowski, Aric Opdahl, Sharon Scherwitz


Absent: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Arne Sippola


Consultant: Bill Cerbin


1. Call to order at 2:15 by convener Ann Hendricks.

2. The committee decided to wait to identify a chair until Battista, Bryan, & Sippola could be present.

3. Jeanne Danneker volunteered to be secretary.

4. Members present discussed the basic responsibilities and procedures of the FDC. Hendricks distributed FDC notebooks. Opdahl took a notebook for Bryan, Danneker took one for Sippola. Hendricks will give one to Battista.

5. Grant applications are due October 20th. They will be ready for review October 23rd. The chair will email FDC members when they are ready to be picked up.

6. The committee will meet on October 4th at 2:15 in room 327 Main Hall to identify a chair.

7. Meeting adjourned at 2:55


Submitted by Jeanne Danneker