Draft GEC Minutes

Monday, February 12, 2007


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Fields, Johnson, Kraemer, McDougal, Miller, Prucha, Ragan, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Bakke, Ritterling


Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Morgan, Dittman


Guests Present: B. Krajewski, C. Wilson, R. Sullivan, J. Hollenback, R. Knox, C. Lee, E. Hitch


I.                    M/S/P to approve the minutes of February 5, 2007 with the correction to delete from section III (attached summary of each member’s response of the meeting).


II.                 Reports:

A.  Updates

1.      FYE committee report: Where we go depends on what GEC decides regarding including FYE.

2.      Will meet February 13, 2007.

B.      Feedback from departments

1.      SAH College Core meeting met February 8 and they voted to ask GEC to re-affirmed current Gen Ed program and recommended assessment of current program (8-1). SAH will send memo regarding vote to Gen Ed chair.

2.      Knox (chair CST) reported department’s interest in offering CST 110 as a potential 1st year experience “home”. Sent memo to Gen Ed director and chair. Planning on changing CST 110 curriculum anyway so inclusion of FYE content could be included. CST currently accommodates approximately 2000 students per year. Would be coordinated with Student Affairs areas to support both academic and non-academic needs of first year students.


III.               Decision on University Core proposals

A.     Questions from members regarding proposal.

1.      Report from Higher Learning Commission (HLC) notation on implementation of revised program – what does it mean? This mean UW-L faculty need to decide on Gen Ed revisions, HLC will not dictate what Gen Ed at UW-L should be.

2.      How many different proposals are under consideration? 3

B.     Motions

1.      M/S/F to affirm current Gen Ed program. (48 credits required from approved courses, approved student mission and vision statements) and to review the program and recommend changes as described in the Faculty Senate bylaws. Discussion ensued. Motion failed. 4/6/0.


IV.              Interrupted agenda to hear Provost Hitch’s report from the Board of Regents meeting February 8 & 9 regarding NCA visit and UW-L report on Gen Ed. UW-L presented a factual report on both to BoR Education Committee. BoR heard these reports together because of the overlap in the HLC report. BoR discussed this for 40minutes. Requested follow-up report to Education Committee in 1 year on where UW-L is with Gen Ed. Provost Hitch asked GEC members to meet with her on Gen Ed revision. Suggested Friday February 16 as a day she would have time. This is meant to help her understand what’s going on so she can report back to BoR on curriculum revision and assessment plan. Discussion with Provost Hitch ensued.


V.                 M/S/P to adjourn (5:25 p.m.).  Next meeting will be February 19, 2007 at 3:30 in 325 Main Hall


Respectfully submitted,

Chris Bakkum and

   Lauren Cikara