GEC Minutes

Monday, February 19, 2007


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Fields, Johnson, Kraemer, McDougal, Miller, Prucha, Ragan, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Bakke


Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Dittman, Morgan, Burkhardt, Krajewski


Guests Present: C. Wilson, J. Hollenbach, D. Sullivan, C. Lee,


I.                    M/S/P to approve the minutes of February 12, 2007, with corrections.


II.                 Reports:

A.     Directors Update:

1.      Distributed two course proposals to the committee from Modern Languages and Geography.

2.      Attended Faculty Senate meeting with other members of GEC. Shared the motions and proposals of the committee thus far. Also shared information about Core III recommendations and talked about the Global Perspectives component.

3.      Will be meeting with an ad hoc committee of Modern Languages   to discuss how their courses might fit into the Gen Ed program based on the learning outcomes since the learning outcomes for those courses did not fit with others in the same category.

B.     Chair Update

1.      Thank you to all committee members for meeting the last three weeks. Also thank you for all the suggestions.

2.      Faculty Senate did notice minor difference between the proposals for Gen Ed.

3.      Met with Provost Liz Hitch and assured her that the GEC was moving in the right direction as she was concerned that the GEC was not further along.

4.      Another presentation to the Board of Regents is scheduled in regard to Gen Ed.

5.      Shared thoughts about how many courses are offered to students for testing out. Indicated that a further discussion follow to find out if there is consistency in offering such opportunities to students.

C.     Student Update

1.      Presented current proposals to Student Senate.

2.      Student Senate was overall pleased with the suggested changes.  They expressed some concern or wanted clarification on:

a.        transferability and overlap of courses

b.      the tiered program (fitting courses into schedules in the first two years)

c.       How the proposals aligned themselves with the current concerns with resources.

3.      Student Senate liked the Civic Engagement and First Year Experience concepts. Liked the idea of CST 110 becoming a FYE, especially because it would not add credits to the program.

4.      They were interested in an environmental course but agreed that Global Perspectives could be used in this capacity.

5.      Would like to see a decrease in the number of credits offered in Gen Ed.


III.               Discussion: Where do we go from here?

A.     E. Kraemer shared a list of Broadly Supported/Supportable Suggestions for Revising the Current Gen Ed Program.

B.     The committee discussed the list in four groups of like minded committee members:

1.      Assessment, Middle of the Road, Star Trekkers, Consultants

2.      Each group was asked to state if they agreed with each suggestion

3.      Each group reported back their findings (attached)

4.      The common ideas that each group supported were:

a.       FYE

b.      Tiered program

c.       Assessment

d.      Flexibility

5.      Asked each committee member to revisit the list and consider the next step.


IV.              The rest of the agenda

A.     Due to time, the rest of the agenda was not discussed.


V.                 M/S/P to adjourn (5:40 p.m.). Next meeting will be March 5, 2007 at 3:30pm in 325 Main Hall


Respectfully submitted,

Lauren Cikara