Wednesday, June 6, 2007-1:30 p.m.

325 Graff Main Hall



Members Present:    Vijendra Agarwal, Lauren Cikara, Peggy Denton, Tim Donahue, Gary Gilmore, Jonathan Majak, S.N. Rajagopal, William Schwan, Steve Simpson


Members Excused:  Ashley Burrowes, Kasi Periyasamy, David Reineke, Teri Staloch


Consultants Present:   Chris Bakkum, Lise Graham, Charles Martin-Stanley, Rob Tyser


Others Present:        Glenn Wright, Graduate Student 4 (appealing academic dismissal)




1.  The meeting was called to order at 1:32 p.m. by Bill Schwan


2.      A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes for the May 4, 2007 meeting with the addition of the word “to” in item 7.  (9  yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)


Motion carried


3.      Announcements


  • Professional Travel Grant Awards – May 18th cycle:  A motion was made and seconded to approve funding for all applications per the Graduate council Advisory Committee’s recommendation.  (9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)


Motioned carried


  • Academic Initiative Resolution:  Vijendra Agarwal updated the Graduate Council about a meeting with Chancellor Gow, outgoing Provost Hitch, and incoming Provost Colclough following the passage of the resolution describing the Council concern over the significant cut in RSEL grant funding.  All were sympathetic regarding the reduced funding as well.  The recommended course of action from that meeting is for VJ to write a letter, in mid-August, to request additional funds from the Academic Initiative Oversight Committee. 


  • Chris Bakkum requested the addition of a time extension appeal to the closed session portion of the meeting.   The need for an extension was only discovered June 5th.  With no objections, the addition was made to the agenda.


4.      A motion was made to move into closed session to consider student appeals as provided in sections 19.85(1)(F) of Wisconsin.  (9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions).


Motion carried.



5.      Academic dismissal appeal by Science and Health/Human Performance program student.


  • Glenn Wright, Director of the Human Performance program, gave an overview of the appeal and the Human Performance program’s decision not to support the student’s readmission into the program.  The primary reason given by the program is that the student failured to provide additional documentation in a timely manner.


  • Graduate Student 4 gave an overview of the appeal.  The student acknowledged that deadlines were not met; however, felt that sufficient documentation has since been provided to the program.


  • The Council asked questions of Glenn Wright and the student. 


  • Both Glenn Wright and the student were excused so the Graduate Council could deliberate.  During the deliberations many concerns were raised including due process and missed deadlines


  • A motion was made and seconded to have the program rehear the appeal for reasons of due process and the new information that has been provided since its previous decision.  Both of these reasons are covered by the Standards of Review.  The Graduate Council made further stipulations:
    • The faculty member specifically mentioned in the student’s appeal should not be on the ad hoc committee created to rehear the appeal.
    • The committee review should include all documents considered by the Graduate Council.
    • The rehearing should be completed within 45 days.
    • The Program Director should send a letter with the committee’s determination to the Graduate Council.

(9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)


Motion carried.


  • Graduate Student 4 will be provided with information regarding the next steps in the appeals process.


6.      Time extension appeal by Liberal Studies/Student Affairs Administration program student.  (Lynette Lo)


  • Chris Bakkum, Director of the Student Affairs Administration program, gave an overview of the appeal.  The student had taken some courses prior to being accepted into the program while having special graduate student status.  There was an oversight in counting the number of years since the student took her first class as a student of the program vs. being a student in graduate studies.  A motion was made and seconded to allow the student an extension through December 2007.  (9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)


Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned:  3:04 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Chandra Hawkins


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