Minutes of the Instructional Academic Staff Committee 

Friday, October 6, 2006

1:00    Room 116 Cowley Hall


Present:  Sue Anglehart, Peggy Denton, Michael Durnin, Barbara Gander, Kerrie Hoar, Glenn Knowles, Sandy Koster, Don Socha,

Absent:   Jodi Vandenberg-Daves


1.  M/S/A (7,0,0)  To approve the minutes as amended.


2.  Career Progression was discussed.  The first order of business was to determine who would sit on the Committee making decisions on progression requests.  The Committee should parallel JPC.


  1. The Senate JPC membership consists of:


                  Deans from each college

                  12 tenured professors from a variety of disciplines (selected by Senate)


  1. The Provost’s Draft proposal from 2005-2006 suggested the IAS progression committee consist of 6 members:

                  2 IAS (75% or more appt that year) selected by IAS Committee

                  Chair of the IAS Committee

                  3 Faculty who are Department Chairs


  1. We propose the Committee consist of 9 members:

                  5 IAS (75% or more that year) selected by the Senate (Senior Lecturer or Associate Clinical Professor)

                  1 elected representative from the IAS Committee

                  3 Tenured Faculty (1 from each college)

                  Until such time that there are enough Senior Lecturers or Associate Clinical Professors to serve, tenured faculty would serve.


  1. Our next meeting will be scheduled on Friday, October 13, 2006 at 1:00 in Room 116.  Dr. Ron Rada, Interim Provost and Dr. Betsy Morgan (Assistant to the Provost) will visit.  Discussion will focus on the following:
    1. Workload
    2. Membership of the “IAS Progression Committee”
    3. Impact of Growth and Access on IAS


Meeting adjourned at 2:10


Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Anglehart