International Education Committee


Minutes of Meeting #2



Date:  October 11, 2006 (Wed)


Members Present:  Ahmed, Hench, Howard, Koppelman, McAndrews (Chair), Poulton, Reithel, Sieber (OIE).

Absent:  Berry (Student Rep), Marcias-Gonzalez, Rizvi (Student Rep). 

Excused:  Devine

Guests:  Robin McCannon (Occupational Therapy).


1. Meeting was called to order by Chair McAndrews at 7:45 am in Room 432 Carl Wimberly Hall.


2. M/S/P:  Minutes of September 20, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved.


3. M/S/P:  Unanimous approval for the intensive one week long program in “OT 720: International Perspectives in Occupational Therapy” (in

    Aberdeen, Scotland), presented by Robin McCannon from Occupational Therapy – with the paper work and budget to follow.


4. (a) Clarification of the 2006-2007 IEC charge letter from Faculty Senate Chair Carmen Wilson was discussed.  Lisbeth Reynertson of OIE 

    will be requested to come to an IEC meeting for her input regarding "the needs of international students studying at UW-La Crosse, the

    student support services available for international students on campus. . ." etc.


    (b) IEC will continue to request 3-year terms until action is taken by senate, one way or the other.


    (c) Sandy Seiber will approach Jay Lokken regarding serving as the OIE representative to IEC.


5. Report on the current set of “Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs” will be prepared by McAndrews and submitted to Faculty

    Senate by November 3, 2006.


6. Next IEC meeting:  November 8, 2006 (Wed) at 7:45 am in Room 432 Carl Wimberly Hall.


7. Minute Taker/Recorder at the next meeting:  Devine


8. Meeting adjourned:  8:33 am.



Respectfully submitted by Rafique Ahmed