IEC Minutes

14 February 2007


Members Present:  Tom Hench, Kent Koppelman, Jay Lokken, Rob Tyser, David Howard, Rafique Ahmed, Tim McAndrews, Víctor Macías-González, Poulson

Members Absent:  Curt Reithel (Excused), Becky Berry (Student Rep) and Altaf Rizvi (Student Rep)

Guests:   Donna Anderson, John Betton


New Business:  John Betton (Management) and Donna Anderson (Economics) presented their proposal for an International Study Tour to Tanzania titled “Voyages with a Vision:  Reality Tour to Tanzania.”  Discussion ensued, particularly lead-time.  Committee encouraged use of International Development Fund for preliminary arrangements.  Letters of support presented from Chairs of Departments of Management and Economics, as well as from the College of Business Administration.   Changes to budget form noted, and new budget form reviewed, with discussion of budget, program, and travel costs.   MSP to approve (Koppelman/Hench) passed.


Old Business: 


  1. Approval of two pending sets of minutes passed (MSP Koppelman/Hench).
  2. Revision of Study Tour Guidelines.   Tables with deadlines included, Outline “D” with proposal process.  MSP (Koppelman/Hench).
  3. Luncheon for Thursday 8 March 11.45-1.30 PM with International Student Organization Executives.   Four committee members will serve as a subcommittee.
  4. Need to revise committee bylaws mentioned.




  1. The College of Business Administration has an International Business Collaborative Program scheduled for February 14.  It is designed to internationalize La Crosse Public Schools.
  2. UWL is ranked 17th in the USA among regional comprehensive universities participating in Study Abroad programs.


Meeting adjourned 8:40 AM