International Education Committee

September 20, 2006



Members present: Hench (Chair), Howard, Koppelman, McAndrews, Ahmed, Reithel,


Absent: Macias-Gonzalez, Poulton

Excused: Devine

Guests: Benson, Tiffany


Meeting convened: 7:19 am

Meeting adjourned: 8:10 am

Location: Room #432 Carl Wimberly Hall


1.      M/S/P: Unanimous support. Ruthann Benson and Joe Tiffany proposed two changes to the existing London Study Tour Program (approved 2003 and conducted twice, 2004 and 2006).

    1. Approval to offer this program during both intersession periods and spring semester. The format for the program would remain unchanged.
    2. Approval for the program to be offered by faculty in the College of Liberal Studies in disciplines other than the arts: e.g., Archaeology and Sociology.

Joe Tiffany in Archaeological Studies would like to offer the London Study tour during Spring 2007 for students in the following courses: ARC 275: Ancient Britain and Ireland; ARC 200: World Archaeology—The Story of Our Past; ARC 399: Archaeological Forum.


The Committee unanimously supported these proposals.


2.      M/S/P:  Minutes of May 2, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved.


3.      M/S/P:  Tim McAndrews was unanimously endorsed as the new Chair of the University International Education Committee.


4.      Meeting time conflicts were acknowledged and reviewed, with the agreement that future meetings would be held on Wednesdays from 7:45 to 8:40a.m. The Committee’s next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, October 11, 2006.


5.      The Committee reviewed the Faculty Senate’s charge letter. There was agreement by the Committee that the first charge, to “evaluate the current set of ‘Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs,’ was one that could be competently done by the Committee. However, the second charge, to “evaluate the needs of international students studying at UW-L, the student support services available for international students on campus, and make recommendations about additional services needed,” was found problematical by the Committee. Concerns were voiced about whether this Committee has the requisite knowledge to undertake this task. Further to this, Tim McAndrews agreed to discuss this matter, first, with Jay Lokken, the Director of the University International Education Office and later with Carmen Wilson, Chair of the Faculty Senate, to seek further clarification.


6.      M/S/P: The Committee unanimously passed the following motion, a motion it had passed last November 17, 2005. This re-newed motion is to be forwarded to Faculty Senate for action:  “Members of the International Education Committee shall be appointed for three (3) year terms.  Appointments shall be staggered so that no more than one-third of the committee turns over in any year.”


Rationale:  This change in committee appointments would better support efforts working toward the internationalization of UW-L.  Because of the wide variety of international programs that the International Education Committee reviews, extensive experience in reviewing various programs and the approval process is required before committee members can assume proactive or leadership roles on the committee.


7.      It was further agreed that the Chair of the Committee would be responsible for forwarding completed Committee minutes to Faculty Senate.


8.   The next meeting is set for October 11, 7:45 a.m., room to be determined. Rafique Ahmed will be the minute taker at that meeting.



Respectfully submitted: Tom Hench