Scholarship & Awards Committee Meeting – September 20, 2006, 4:30 pm


Present: John Colton, Mary Anderson Leonard, Jeff Boyle, Jess Hollenback, Janet Kirsch, Kathy Majewski, Ryan Klein (student member), Konrad Liebzeit (student member), Barb Katrana (UWL Foundation Scholarship Coordinator).


Absent: Greg Balfany, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Bryan Kopp, Kelly Walt (student member).


1.  Introductions were made.


2.  John Colton was unanimously elected chair.


3.  Kathy Majewski was unanimously elected secretary.


4.  Responsibilities of the committee were reviewed, along with minutes from last



5.  Some changes have occurred since last year.

a.  Application deadline was moved from early January to February 15 in an attempt to increase the number of applications.

            b.  The application review period overlaps Spring Break, shortening the time we will have to access & review the


c.  Barb will pre-screen the applications for scholarships requiring a certain ACT / SAT score or class ranking, to assure we only review candidates who meet those requirements.

            d.  With a later deadline, we will have access to more financial aid data for those scholarships based (in part) on

            financial need.

e.  If a committee member is asked to write a letter of recommendation for a Murphy Award applicant, the member can

certainly do so but should possibly excuse him/herself from the Murphy Award discussions at the committee meeting.

f.  The Gay & Kent scholarships have been moved to a different group of people for evaluation. Those typically had the most applicants.


6.  The scholarships fall into 5 categories.

            a.  A group of 12 scholarships, each with specific criteria, each of which had approximately 5-10 applicants last year.

b.  Murphy Academic Excellence Awards to two graduating seniors with GPA greater than or equal to 3.96.  Recipients will be recognized at the Alumni Banquet in May.

c.  The Thrune Scholarships for incoming freshman from Cashton, Brookwood, and Westby High Schools, based on academic performance & leadership qualities.  Selection is based in part on an interview with this committee.  Last year 5 students were interviewed for the 3 scholarships.  If one of the 3 schools has only one applicant, that applicant will likely not be required to come for an interview (assuming he/she seems otherwise qualified).

            d.  The Lebiecki Scholarship for a female student active in extracurricular leadership activities (including sports).  There

            were 20-25 applicants last year.

e.  The McIlraith Scholarship, which received about 30 applicants last year.

7.  In was decided that once again the work of the committee be divided into groups.

a.  All committee members will review applications & participate in interviews for the Thrune Scholarship.

b.  All committee members will participate in selection of Murphy Academic Excellence Awards.

c.  A subcommittee of 3 members will review applications for the Lebiecki & McIlraith Scholarships. (This was increased from 2 members in previous years in order to have a student on the subcommittee.)

            1.  Jess Hollenback, Jeff Boyle, & Ryan Klein volunteered.

d.  Those committee members not on the Lebiecki/McIlraith subcommittee will review all the applications for the other 12 scholarships.

e.  All committee members were asked to review the questions used for interviews for the Thrune Scholarship last year, and send any suggestions for revisions, additions, deletions to Kathy Majewski by e-mail.


8.  The following timeline was agreed upon.

            a.  All applications are due by February 15, 2007 (including Murphy Award).

            b.  By February 19, all applications except Lebiecki/McIlraith will be available to committee members for review at

            Murphy Library at the Reserve Desk.   Barb will arrange to get the Lebiecki/McIlraith applications to the three

            subcommittee members.

       1.  If you find an application for a student who does not meet the stated criteria for a scholarship, put a Post-It note

            on it, so other committee members can skip that application.

            c.  On Wednesday February 28 the committee will meet to decide on the interview questions, conduct the interviews

            for the Thrune scholarships, and decide the Thrune scholarship winners. The meeting will tentatively begin at 4:30 pm;

            the interviews at 5:00 pm. Barb will check this date with the schools.

            d.  By Monday March 5 all rankings should be submitted to John Colton either via e-mail or hard copy.  John will be e-

            mailing a ranking form to us.

e.  On Wednesday March 7 the committee will meet (tentatively at 4:30 pm) to make final selections on the Murphy

award & the 14 other freshman scholarships.

            f.   By March 15 names of all scholarship recipients must be submitted to the Financial Aid office.

g.  Note that student members have a 6:00 pm Student Senate meeting every Wednesday evening.


9.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.



Respectfully submitted by Kathy Majewski, MSHS, PA-C. 

(slightly edited by John Colton)