November 14th, 2006



Members Present:  Baggett, Kastantin, McDougal, Rolfus, Socha, Wood, Wycoff-Horn, Zheng        

Members Absent:  Angell, (exc) Kahl              

Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Burkhardt, Dittman, Herling, Johnson, Keller, Schumacher                                   

Guests:  Grunwald, Lee, Maher, Sandheinrich, Sciborski, Von Ruden                                                        


  1. M/S/P to approve minutes of Tuesday, October 24th, 2006.


  1. First Readings:

History Proposal: Effective Fall 2007

HIS 230, change title to The Ancient and Medieval Worlds

HIS 311, change title to Dilemmas of Peace and War

HIS 303, delete

HIS 309, delete

HIS 490, change prerequisite to HIS 200 and 12 credits in history, excluding current registration

New Course: HIS 200, Historiography and Historical Methods, 3 credits

This course is an introduction to both historiography (the history of the study of history) and historical research. In addition to introducing students to historiography, the course also introduces students to historical research methods, use of primary sources, problems of interpretation, and composition. Required for all History majors and minors.         


Majors and Minors—

All students are required to take HIS 200 plus select 9 additional credits for the core: HIS 210, 230, 240, 250, 285


                       M/S/P (1 abst) to waive 2nd and approve pending endorsement by TEGC of major changes.


                        SAH Proposal:

                        New Nutrition Minor, effective Spring 2007

18 credits—NUT 200, 300, 400, and 9 elective credits from ESS 323, CHM 325 or 428, BIO 428, MIC 426, HED 474, NUT 450


New Courses:

NUT 200, Human Nutrition, 3 Credits

NUT 300, Lifecycle Nutrition, 3 Credits

NUT 400, Food Science, Service and Safety, 3 Credits

NUT 450, Field Experience in Nutrition, 3 Credits


Courses with new NUT prereqs will need to propose that change separately. Not to be included in this package. The interdisciplinary minor will be hosted by the biology dept. for 4 years. The minor is open to all majors.

                M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal.


Biology Proposal:

New Course: BIO 441/551, Environmental Toxicology, 3 Credits

The study of the lethal and sub lethal effects of chemical contaminants on ecosystems and humans. Topics covered include environmental legislation, chemical distribution and fate in the environment, methods of toxicity testing, assessment of exposure and risk, effects of chemical contaminants on humans, and fish and wildlife populations, communities and ecosystems, and toxicity of specific chemical groups.

BIO 428/528, Revise title, description and prerequisite. Advanced Nutrition for Health Professions.

        Prereq: BIO 313 or NUT 200


Committee suggested informing ENV program about BIO 441.               

M/S/P(1 abst)  to waive 2nd  reading and approve proposal  pending the approval of NUT 200 course-- prerequisite for 428. (order changed in meeting; NUT 200 was approved later; see SAH proposal above)


                                                Art Proposal: Postponed


  1. Second Readings:

Biology Proposal:

Note for all majors add BIO 495, cannot count toward minimum 400-level credits

Biology Major (general)—add elective choices: BIO 405 and 468, 441

Biology Major (Tchr Ed)—add elective choice: BIO 468

Biology Major (Cellular Conc)—Move BIO 440 from elective to required course, move MIC 230 from required to elective; add electives BIO 449, 468; delete C-S 101 as requirement.

Biology Major (Environ Conc)—Add 441 as elective

Biology Major (Biomedical Conc)—Move BIO 408 or 424 or 465 from required courses to electives; add elective BIO 468; delete C-S 101 (or skills) requirement.

Biology Major (Aquatic Conc)—delete C-S 101 (or skills) requirement


Dept. visited with C-S dept as requested by UCC. Clarified teacher certification major is 36 credits officially. Added 441 new course as elective in some of the majors as noted.         


M/S/P to approve proposal.


  1. Consent Agenda: None


  1. Announcement/FYI:

Changes in Math Placement

Students cannot register for MTH 207 or below without taking the placement exam. (This includes transfer students.)

Placement exam results expire two years from the date of the exam after which the placement exam must be retaken.

        Students cannot take classes above their placement level (instructor or chair can override).


  1. Old Business: None


  1. New Business:  None


  1. Meeting adjourned at 4:41 p.m.