Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Members Present:  Angell, Baggett, Kahl, McDougal, Socha, Sullivan, Rolfhus

Members Absent:                 Wood (exc), Wycoff-Horn (exc), Zheng (exc)

Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Dittman, Johnson, Schumacher

Guests:  none                                                       


  1. M/S/P to approve minutes of Tuesday, February 13, 2007.


  1. Second Readings:

                                                ENG 302, Intermediate Topics in Literature, 3 credits, new course

An intermediate level course exploring selected topics in literature in relation to various historical or cultural contexts.  Topics vary according to the interests of students and the instructor.  Sample topics include horror literature and film, classical Greek drama and culture, the Bible and/as literature, literature and existentialism, blues, jazz and literature. Prerequisite: 3 credits in 200-level English courses.  Repeatable for credit – max 6. Only 3 credits applicable to major or minor. Consult department for appropriate application.  Offered occasionally.


                                                ENG 382, U. S. Latino Literature in English, 3 credits, new course

Study of representative works in English by writers of Mexican-American, Cuban-American, Puerto Rican, and other Latino origins, emphasizing the aesthetic dimensions of this literature as well as its historical roots and contemporary U.S. cultural contexts. Prerequisite: 3 credits in 200-level English courses.


                                                ENG 494, Revise title and description

Advanced study of literary topics of special interest. Topics reflect the research interests of instructors and new developments in the discipline. For current content, consult the instructor or the English department. Prerequisite: 3 credits in 200-level English courses; ENG 301 required for ENG majors, recommended for all others. Repeatable for credit-max 6. Only 3 credits applicable to major or minor; consult department for appropriate application. Offered occasionally.


M/S/P to approve the proposal.


  1. First Readings:

PSY 439, Sensation and Perception, 3 cr. new course

Survey of the physiology and psychology of the human senses (vision, audition, smell, taste, and the skin senses) and the role they play in the attainment of knowledge and the ruglation of behavior. In addition, the course will examine the various perceptual processes through which we interpret and restructure sensory information as we respond to changes in the environment. Prerequisite: PSY 231 and 232, or BIO 312. Offered Semester I.


PSY 437, The Human Senses, Delete

PSY 438, Processes of Perception, Delete


M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposal.


  1. Old Business:

The committee continued the discussion for the need to be consistent in the way programs count credits, i.e. hidden prerequisites, required courses outside the dept, required Gen Ed courses. It reviewed a proposal using a draft of the LX 138P and agreed that committee members would use the draft on their own majors to determine its usefulness. Question--is this information intended as guidance for the committee or to publish in the catalog?


  1. New Business:  Chair Baggett reminded members to request UCC again if they want to continue to serve. Reappointment is not automatic.


6.        Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm. Next meeting Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2007.


CBA Dean approved Gen Ed substitution: ENG 207 for ENG 200 in humanistic studies category


Submitted by Diane Schumacher, UCC secretary