September 26, 2006



Members Present:   Angell, Baggett, Kastanin, McDougal, Rolfhus, Socha, Wood, Wycoff-Horn, Zheng

Consultants Present:   E. Johnson, S. Keller, Bakkum, Dittman, Schumacher                                        


  1. M/S/P to approve minutes of 9/12/06
  2. First readings: none
  3. Second Readings: none
  4. Consent Agenda: none
  5. Old business: Faculty Senate charge to UCC as described in the minutes of 9/12/06, re: universitywide requirements of 2 science courses for BS and 202 level languages for BA degrees.


Committee discussed charge and brought up three points: 1) Should curriculum content for BA/BS degrees be a universitywide decision or should it be decided in the colleges as is the current practice? 2) If it should be universitywide, what is the committee’s recommendation re: the proposed requirements? 3) Are there more or different standardizations that we should explore?


The proposal began as a Gen Ed recommendation with an outcome that students graduating need science, technology and math literacy and that the majority of universities require two science courses. The GEC realized it did not have authority to determine degree requirements, so it was referred to the UCC. Colleges and departments have not been asked to deliberate about this recommendation, although CBA discussed it and nine faculty submitted responses opposing it. Some majors are only available as a BA or BS, not both. It likely would be the departments’ decision whether or not to change that if universitywide requirements were implemented. There also was some discussion about the relationship with college core and if there are universitywide requirements, where does oversight occur?


M/S/P (1 abstention)  that the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee does not support the proposal as written. The committee recommends that the issues be addressed at the departmental and college levels.  


  1. New business: postponed discussion about process to ensure adequate review of proposals.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 4:40. Next meeting is Tuesday, October 10 at 3:30 p.m.



Submitted by

Diane Schumacher, UCC secretary