Minutes of Undergraduate Research Committee Meeting

5 p.m. October 18th, 2006


Present: Ashley Burrowes, Jordan Coffey,  Barbara Eide, Tim Gongaware, Bill Gresens, Don La Coss,  James Peirce, Keely Rees,  Seung-Ryul Shin.

As of today’s deadline, we have received 39 proposals (up 3 from last Fall).  The proposal packets should be delivered no later than Monday October 23rd.  Included in the packet will be a guideline for evaluating and ranking of proposals.  Bill Gresens highlighted that when reading the narrative for international grants (printed on blue paper), the committee must be convinced that international travel is necessary. Ballots will be given after the discussion meeting November 1st.  An international education representative will be at the start of the Nov. 1st meeting to answer any questions concerning the international proposals. 

Ballots Rankings.  Each member is allocated 5 points per grant for a total of 195 points.  The rankings range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest).  Each member cannot exceed his allotment of 195 points and must use at least 95% of the points.  To assist in the rankings, each member will receive an evaluation/scoring/comment sheet to keep notes. The chair at end of the reviewing process will collect the comment forms.

Ballots will be due to the Provost’s office by noon on November 6th.  Bill Gresens will tabulate the scores and order them by overall rank.  The results will be presented at meeting on November 8th at 5p.m.  In the past less than 25% of all proposals receive full funding. 

Tim Gongaware and Barbara Eide reported on the changes made to the URC web site.  Tim suggested that the committee asks the top proposals for permission to use their proposals as samples for the web site. 

UW-L Undergraduate Research and Celebration is still scheduled for March 23rd.  April is booked with Good Friday, NCUR,  UW-L Symposium on consecutive weekends.  In recognition of the 10-year anniversary, the committee agreed that a lunch banquet would disrupt the flow of the celebration.  Past chairmen, former student recipients (who have gone on to fame and fortune), and the new chancellor were suggested as possible speakers for a dinner banquet.  Depending on the anticipated interest in the dinner, the committee will recommend either Valhalla or the Great Room of the Alumni Center as the location.

Bill Gresens reported that he has received 9 abstracts for NCUR.  The deadline is December 1st.

Academic initiative funding opportunities for a grant writing seminar in the Spring was tabled as we wait for Vijendra Agarwal’s report.  The Fall seminar was a great success.

Meeting ended at 6:05 p.m.


Submitted Thursday,  October 19, 2006 by James Peirce.