Academic Planning Committee (APC)

Minutes from November 26, 2007



Members Present: Czerwinski, Gendreau, Johnson, Knowles, Senger


Guests Present: Nishele Lenards, Program Director of Medical Dosimetry


  1. Meeting called to order, 12:05pm, 432 CWH by Johnson (Acting Chair)


  1. M/S/P Approve minutes of November 12, 2007


  1. Discussion of Medical Dosimetry Certificate. 

M/S/P  Continue the Medical Dosimetry Certificate.


  1. The committee was charged with reviewing current certificate programs and the Guidelines for Certificate Programs by December 6.  There is one certificate program to review and the committee will not complete the review of the Guidelines for Certificate Programs by the December 6 deadline.  Chair Tiffany was asked to inform the Senate that additional time will be needed.  The beginning of the spring semester should be sufficient.


  1. Next meeting will be on December 10.  The agenda will include a review of the guidelines for certificate programs and possibly a review of the Supervisory Management Certificate Program.


Meeting adjourned 12:47 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Knowles