UW-L Budget Review Committee

Minutes for        9-12-07      , 1:45-3:00 pm

325 GMH


Present: Tom Gendreau, Ronda Knox; Dave Riley, Steve Senger, Kim Vogt, Ken Winter.




Discussion Points


Meeting convened

Gwyn Straker convened the meeting at 1:45 pm


Review Role of Committee

Brief historical perspective of the committee was shared followed by a discussion on the role the committee intends to play. The committee intends to be proactive in nature regarding budgetary matters, seeking meaningful information from various campus stakeholders in order to influence matters impacting instruction and research

For information only

Elect a Chair

Steve Senger was elected chair


Elect a Secretary

Gwyn Straker was elected secretary


Set priorities

Topics were brought forward for discussion:

  1. Faculty input into use of salary savings
  2. The foundation and its impact on generating revenue for the campus
  3. Future planning and requests for state dollars
  4. Monitor campus trends on dollars spent on campus-wide instruction
  5. SAH instructional lines tied to athletics/coaching positions and the accountability of those positions across two separate administrative areas (SAH & Student affairs)
  6. Discussion on faculty oversight over tuition differential dollars; technical fees; Pepsi contract monies.

Topics 2, 3, 4 & 6 will be placed on Joint planning and Budget agenda


Topics 1 & 5 require further discussion with input from Provost and CFO.


Next Budget Review Committee to be announced


Submitted by:  Gwyneth Straker


Draft: 9-12-0______