Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for February 1, 2008


Members present:         J. Boyle, R. Gillis, D. Hammen, R. LeDocq, C. Lee, S. Navarre, J. Rome, J. Shadforth,

Members excused:        M. Cary, R. Haro, J. Shanks

Consultants:                  A. Dittman, G. Herling, L. Janke, S. Keller, K. Kiefer, J. Van Ruden

Guests:             D. Duquette, T. Gehan, P. Knudson, S. Krajewski, M. Miyamoto


1.      Meeting called to order at 3:21 p.m. by Chair LeDocq.


2.      M/S/P (8/0/0) to approve CAPS minutes from 11/09/07.

      M/S/P (8/0/0) to approve CAPS minutes from 12/07/07 with corrections.

      M/S/P (7/0/1) to approve CAPS minutes from 01/23/08.


3.   Committee heard appeal regarding required repetition of MTH 150 to allow course from Viterbo as substitute without replacing the original course grade.


      ************      Approved         7/0/0


4.   Committee discussed CLS appeal to move permanently the start of W-S 100 to an earlier date so that the in-class portion of the hybrid course would be completed by the end of May. 


M/S/P (7/0/0)         Approved


5.   Committee discussed SAH appeal to change permanently the schedule for offering P-H 707 so the course would be offered over three weekends in June.  The course would meet for 14 hours each weekend with D2L-based discussion during the week.


      M/S/P (7/0/0)         Approved


6.   Committee discussed CLS appeal to change permanently the start and end dates of ART 425, a two-credit course, to correspond with Art Week session times at Pigeon Lake Field Station.  These dates are set by UW-River Falls.


      M/S/P (7/0/0)         Approved


7.   Committee discussed whether or not high school courses in agricultural sciences should be counted toward the required science courses for admission to UW-L. K. Kiefer noted that UWS is encouraging campuses to accept these courses, which are DPI-approved, and come with an expectation of academic rigor.  The possibility of counting high school engineering courses was also raised.


8.   R. Gillis suggested that CAPS should consider whether or not core courses can be offered during J-term.

9.   Meeting adjourned at 4:12 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jocelyn Shadforth, Co-Secretary