Academic Program Review Committee Year End Report for 2007-2008


During the 2007-2008 academic year the APR committee completed reviews of the following Departments/Programs:


  • Nuclear Medical Technology Program
  • Institute for Ethnic and Racial Studies
  • Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Department of Political Science/Public Administration
  • School Health Education Program
  • Department of History


The APR committee would also like to draw attention to two additional topics:


One is assessment on campus and the role of the APR committee in this assessment. The APR committee would like to be more involved in the discussion of program assessment on campus, and in particular, the role that APR could have in the future assessment process.


Additionally, the APR committee has noticed some common issues in doing reports recently and we'd like faculty senate and the campus to be more aware of these topics. These are issues that seem to be negatively affecting multiple programs/Departments at UW – La Crosse. While these concerns, which include climate issues, SOE interactions, and resources, are familiar to many, we feel that it needs to be reiterated that these issues are hindering the function of multiple programs/Departments on campus, and that the quality of education is being affected.