Graduate Curriculum Committee Year End Report




Date:         May 15, 2008


To:            Senate Office


From:        David Reineke, Chair


Re:            Graduate Curriculum Committee Year End Report




The Graduate Curriculum Committee satisfactorily fulfilled its duties and responsibilities as stated in the faculty senate committee charge letter for the 2007-2008 academic year.  This committee carefully reviewed and approved several curricular changes, primarily related to updated prerequisites, credit hours, and course descriptions for C-S, SOC, PSY, the PTS Doctor of Physical Therapy, MTH, I-S, ESS, SAA, BIO, ECO, and O-T courses. 


The committee also took action in approving new courses in MTH (Applied Multivariate Statistics), I-S (Information Security Management), O-T (International Perspectives in Occupational Therapy with a Fieldwork Seminar; Occupations and Interventions: Pediatrics II), ECO (Macroeconomic Policies in Global Economy), PSY (Research and Program Evaluation in Schools), REC (Outdoor Education; Outdoor Pursuits),  EDS (13 new courses in the ME-PD program!).  The committee dedicated itself to the accuracy of LX forms brought before it as related to the actual course content and parameters.


The committee was generally well-attended by its members and consultants and is particularly grateful for the excellent and dedicated service of our new registrar Dr. Chris Bakkum.