Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Final Report

May 5, 2008


The IAS Committee began the 2007-2008 academic year with the following special charges:

·        Address the issue of contracts (length, wording, type)

·        Investigate the promotion appeals processes currently in place to determine if the current process could apply to IAS appeals or if an entirely new structure is necessary.


Career Progression and Appeals Process:

The IAS committee presented guidelines and procedures for IAS career progression in the form of “A Guide to Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Career Progression and Portfolio Development at UW-La Crosse” to the Faculty Senate on October 25, 2007.  These guidelines, which include an appeals process, were approved and implemented immediately for 2007-2008 career progression applications.


Members of the IAS committee met with the chair of the 2007-2008 Career Progression committee (CPC) to discuss the process and to make suggestions for modifications for 2008-2009.  In general, the process went well, although there were some Digital Measures glitches along the way and some inconsistencies in the way information was loaded that made the process more challenging.  The IAS Liaison will work with the Provost’s office to discuss changes to Digital Measures and will continue to hold both IAS and department chair’s orientation sessions each fall to ensure consistency in file content and format.  In addition, IAS have been invited to participate in the CATL teaching portfolio workshop on May 21, 2008.


Contract Type and Language:

The IAS committee reviewed the current UW-L policies with regards to instructional academic staff and found that many of those policies are out of date and/or do not reflect current practice.  The committee did extensive research on contract policies at other UW System schools and developed revisions to the current UW-L policies (UW-L Employee Handbook and UW-L 8 through 13) that will bring the policies up to date, reflect current practice and make the policies more flexible.  The suggested revisions were forwarded to the Provost’s office on April 6, 2008.   All revisions will require approval of UW-L Faculty Senate, UW-L administration and, in the case of the Personnel Rules (UWL 8 through 13), the UW System Board of Regents.  The relevant sections of the UW-L Employee Handbook and UWS/UW-L 8-13 can be found in Appendix A.


The IAS committee requests that these revisions be reviewed for approval by Faculty Senate at one of its first meetings in the fall.


Suggested Charges for 2008-2009:

1.      The IAS Committee should continue to monitor the Academic Staff Professional Development grants to ensure that IAS continue to be considered for this award; however, IAS should also be encouraged to apply for Faculty Development grants.

2.      The recently adopted IAS workload policy is slated for full implementation starting Fall 2008.  The IAS committee should follow this process and assess how it is being implemented across colleges.

3.      The recently adopted changes in SEI score submission could be interpreted to separate ranked faculty from IAS in SEI mean calculations.  This would impact those departments who have a small number of IAS (e.g., Microbiology and Biology currently have only one or two IAS).  In addition, career progression guidelines ask for a departmental SEI mean.  During its initial implementation phase, this new SEI process should be monitored to assess its impact on IAS and to ensure that it does not conflict with career progression policies.

4.      Finally, the IAS committee should continue to work closely with the IAS liaison to ensure information regarding IAS issues is posted to the IAS website and to ensure that IAS are notified of any policy changes that may directly impact them.


Respectfully submitted,


Kerrie Hoar, IAS committee chair



Sue Anglehart

Elise Denlinger

Peggy Denton

Barb Gander

Glenn Knowles

Sandy Koster

Sheila Perkins

Don Socha