November 06, 2007


Members Present: Ali, Greiner, Hunt, Krueger, Loehr, Malisa, Reineke, Rindt, Streit, Skemp-Alt, Wright   

Consultants Present: Dittman, Martin-Stanley

Guest: Dixon


  1. Approval of the October 16, 2007 minutes


M/S/P to approve the minutes


  1. Second readings: None


  1. First readings:


School Psychology. Change credits, thesis requirement, required courses and electives.


M/S/P to hold for a 2nd reading


PSY 725, Research & Program Evaluation in Schools, 3 cr.; New course.

This course is designed to increase competencies in understanding and applying educational research and provide skills to successfully participate in school wide evaluation and improvement efforts. Prerequisite: Math 145 or equivalent.


M/S/P to hold for a 2nd reading


SPY 800, Specialist Thesis Proposal, 1-3 cr.; Course changes: prerequisite revision and length of course on-line.

This course is designed to help students complete a thesis proposal and the initial stages of writing a thesis. Topics include resource utilization, ethical issues, protection of human subjects, proposal development, research design, data analysis, scientific writing, and APA-style writing. Prerequisites: SPY 700, PSY 725.


M/S/P to hold for a 2nd reading


  1. Consent agenda: none


  1. Old Business: none


  1. New Business: none


Meeting adjourned 4:21 p.m.