Meeting of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

October 1, 2007

325 Main Hall


 Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Eric Fuhrmann, Anne Galbraith, Eric Kraemer, Adrienne Loh, Tom Pribek, Cris

 Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan

 Consultants & Guests Attending: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Bill Cerbin, Amelia Dittman, Deb Hoskins, Emily Johnson,

 Betsy Morgan


 3:35pm, called to order, by Anne G, chair


M/S/ to approve minutes of 9/17 as corrected (include Jon Fields as attending, change typo for abbreviating Adrienne L. in

 several instances); approved voice vote


Report f/Bill Cerbin on current status of assessment, particularly description the CLA (College Learning Assessment),

 survey already underway for selected freshmen in UWL 100; seniors for Spring portion of survey yet-to-be-determined


Others comments & information:

 - university-wide co-ordinator of assessment not yet named

 - need charge from Faculty Senate (Assessment Task Force); Gen Ed Comm.'s present responsibility not clear

 - revised draft f/Task Force will be presented to Senate next week; email responses from us could be sent to Anne G. &

   forwarded to Senate for its next meeting

 - similar questions about our role in proceeding with structural changes to Gen Ed, the proposed "University Core"; we're

   waiting for results of the survey Senate Executive Comm. has announced but not yet sent to faculty

 - Eric K. will present an executive summary of recent Gen Ed Comm., at next meeting, to provide background for new members


Old Business: Revised LX- 140 

 Considerable revision and re-ordering; forms will be presented again at next meeting


New Business

 Gen Ed Comm. must review process for approving Writing Emphasis instructors


5:35, meeting adjourned

Minutes compiled by Tom P.