Meeting of the
Faculty Senate General Education Committee
December 3, 2007
325 Main Hall

Meeting convened at 3:35pm

Members Attending: Michael Current, Eric Fuhrmann, Anne Galbraith (presiding), Eric Kraemer, Adrienne Loh, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan

Excused: Jon Fields

Guests & Consultants:  Carla Burkhardt, Billy Clow, Amelia Dittman, Emily Johnson, Betsy Morgan, Richard Sullivan, Carmen Wilson

M/S/P, approve minutes of 11/19/07 as written; voice vote, unanimously

Finish discussion of Writing Emphasis proposal for Larry Forkash;

M/S/P, voice vote, unanimously

M/S/P, for formal approval of RUS 305 for GE course (as approved by email exchange last week): voice vote, unanimously

Chair's Report

 - GE website now live!
 - Request for liaison or contact person to UCC/GCC

Discuss plan of action & goals, as listed on agenda, with focus on faculty survey of GE & proposed Core and new charge from Carmen Wilson

 - Ex. Summary from SEC f/Sept 2007, submitted with announcement of GE survey results, will be considered by
   Senate, lacking a proposal from GEC for the Senate Feb 16th meeting

note: University Core posted on GE webpage is out of date;

latest version was submitted with announcement of survey,dated Sept 2007

 - Should GEC vote to reject Core tier 1&2 and revise GE by starting from current program, as suggested by
   survey results?

 - Immediate desire for identifying SLOs for current GE courses, separating content-specific SLOs from GE
   program SLOs, and identifying a single SLO for multiple sections of a course

 - GEC emphasis for Feb 16 Senate meeting should be "progress" rather than substantial program revision

 - Consider approaching Carmen W. with "action items" before Feb 16 & ask for a March meeting instead, in
   order to make informed judgment

 - GEC chair will email to campus soon to request GE instructors check off their course objectives on "General
   Education Course and Learning Outcome Grid" (no more than three SLOS), for return to GEC during meetings
   week of Spring term

 - Create a new survey from GEC asking about rationale for answers on previous SEC survey

 - GEC meetings will be scheduled for Jan 28th & Feb 4th, 2008 

 - Working subgroups volunteered as follows:

    1. new survey: Adrienne L. & Eric K.
    2. salvaging items from Core: Eric F., Anne G, Eric K., Tom P., & Cris P.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm

Notes compiled by Tom P.