Meeting of the

Faculty Senate General Education Committee

February 4, 2008

325 Main Hall



Meeting convened at 3:35pm


Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Eric Fuhrmann, Anne Galbraith (presiding), Eric Kraemer, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Excused: Adrienne Loh


Guests & Consultants:  Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Billy Clow, Amelia Dittman, Susan Kelly, Ronda Knox, Betsy Morgan, Gwen Straker, Dick Sullivan, Brian Udermann, Carmen Wilson, Lauren Cikora




Report f/CST, Ronda Knox, & HPR, Brian Udermann

 - CST 110 course change already planned, not just for FYE, for example group communication; dept. subcommittee working; not ready for Fall 2008, more likely Fall 2009

 - HPR 105 includes Student Affairs, Res. Life, Chartwells; some overlap with UWL 100, but campus involvement & career services excluded; little overlap CST 110; ready for Fall 2008; prefer course be taken as freshman; support everyone taking UWL 100 as well


Note: Registrar will be better able to accommodate program changes & updates by Fall 2009, because of resources devoted to campus software changeover



M/S/P, approve minutes of 1/28/08 as written; voice vote, unanimously


M/S/P, Approve funding in amount of 720 (registration & 1-day expenses), Emily Johnson's travel to AAC&U, to make presentation; voice vote, unanimously



Assessment Task Force Proposal, action f/Senate to establish ad hoc ass. advisory comm - minimal target for Jan 2009: program plan should be established & implemented, including data collected & "used" (C. Wilson)



Clarify charge f/SEC, as assigned last Fall after Survey: Vote Yes or No on University Core


M/S(Pribek & Ragan)/P, To ditch UC to proceed with development of Salvage Comm. Report; voice vote, unanimously, at momentous time of 4:45, 2/4/08, a.d.


Salvage Committee Report

 - wide-ranging discussion of category placement in Tier I & II as well as credit deadlines for taking courses

 - tentative results:

    1. reduce tier I proposal to 45 credits

    2. Historical Foundation to Tier II

    3. remove FYE for separate vote



secy. crashed at approximately 6:15pm, hoping that such movement would inspire mass exit & reduction below quorum; subsequent action will be added to these notes upon discussion & approval at next meeting, 2/18/08



Submitted by

T. Pribek