Minutes of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                          April 7, 2008

                          325 Main Hall


Members Attending: Current, Fields, Galbraith (presiding, Kraemer, Loh, Pribek, Prucha, Ragan


Guests & Consultants: Carla Burkhardt, Billy Clow, Amelia Dittman, Deb Hoskins, Sue Knudson, Betsy Morgan, Leslie Oganowski, Jennifer Terpstra, James Wheat,  Marcie Wycoff-Horn



meeting convened 3:35pm, by Chair Galbraith


MSP, to approve minutes of 3/31/08; voice vote, unanimous


chair's report

 - GEC charge/request for AHAC sent to Senate

 - AHAC membership not-yet-determined, awaiting one college appt.



MSP, to approve HON 160 , General Art Foundations, for Gen. Ed, II, f; rep. by D. Hoskins (Hon ) & J. Terpstra (Art); voice voice, unanimous


MSP, to approve HED 207, Youth Health Issues, for Gen. Ed. II, g; rep. by Marcie Wycoff-Horn (HEHP) & Leslie Oganowski (HEHP); voice vote, unanimous



Discussion of Position Description, Director of University Core GE), as drafted & referred by SEC


 - Galbraith estimated about 10 hours/week for GE; same from Kraemer, former chair

 - matters of conversation:

    1.  % appointment

    2.  reporting line: Senate, Provost, or GEC chair

    3.  conflict between comm. chair & director

    4.  merging comm. chair & dir.: faculty as dir. or dir. as

        non-voting chair of GEC, and summer stipend for non-

        teaching activities

    5.  position title: co-ordinator, assistant dir., program


    6.  interaction with AssComm

 - chair volunteered to revise description to incorporate suggestions from comm. & submit for email comments prior to next meeting



MSP, to approve James Wheat (Music) as Writing Emphasis Instructor; voice vote, unanimous



meeting adjourned at 5:37pm


Notes compiled by

T. Pribek