Meeting of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                        September 17, 2007

                          325 Main Hall




Members Attending: Michael Current, Eric Fuhrmann, Jon Fields,

 Anne Galbraith,  Eric Kraemer, Adrienne Loh, Tom Pribek,

 Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Consultants & Guests Attending: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt,

 Amelia Dittman, Emily Johnson, Betsy Morgan, Bruce Riley




3:32pm, called to order, by Cris P., convener


M/S to approve minutes of 4/30/07; voice vote w/2 abstentions



Election of officers:


  M/S to nominate Eric K. for comm. chair

                  Anne G. for chair


  Statements from both candidates; elected Anne G., by written

  ballot, who presided for remainder of meeting


  Elected Tom P. secy by voice vote





  Emily J: assessment document presented to comm. in August,

  f/Faculty Senate Task Force, is being sent to Senate



Old Business


  - summary f/Emily J. of rationale for producing revised form,

    LX-140: emphasis on incorporating learning outcomes; Gen. Ed.

    still operating under current program & its course categories


  - information f/Chris B.: each application for Gen Ed course

    will already have an LX-138


  - Adrienne L. & Jon F. will draft a new version of LX-140 for

    next meeting



New Business


   - M/S, that use of previously-approved name University Core be

     suspended until there is a new curriculum to accompany it

     and a final determination for the name of the program;

     Approved, voice vote, w/o abstention


   - Eric K., informed there is neither a Writing Emphasis

     coordinator or director of Gen Ed; Emily J. informed that

     this comm. now approves Writing Emphasis instructors


   - Jon F. asked for some attention to assessment in each

     meeting, since that was the priority chosen by comm. at the

     retreat meeting in August


   - Adrienne K. asked for Anne G., comm. chair, to write &

     publish informal reports to faculty, when there is something

    to report, also as determined in retreat



4:41pm, comm. adjourned



Notes compiled By Tom Pribek