General Education/University Core Ad hoc Assessment Committee

Minutes of April 24, 2008

Present:  Scott Cooper, Linda Dickmeyer, Kenny Hunt, Elizabeth Knowles, Cristine Prucha 

Meeting called to order at 7:50 am in 116 Cowley Hall by convener Cooper.

 Cooper was elected Chair. Secretarial duties will be rotated.

 The committee reviewed and discussed its charge.

 Cooper distributed excerpts from the draft of the University Core Assessment Plan as well as General Education Student Learning Outcomes

 The committee discussed results of the General Education SLO course mapping project (distributed by Cooper in advance of the meeting) as well as Criterion Three of the NCA Accreditation report.

 The committee discussed elements of the letter which it will send to departments in April to inform them that course embedded assessment of the General Education Student Learning Outcomes identified for each General Education course during the GEC SLO mapping exercise must be conducted in Fall 2008 (or Spring 2009 if the course is spring only).

 The committee discussed developing a form for reporting the assessment data. Dickmeyer will provide the form CLS uses as an example. Cooper will provide the form SAH uses as an example. The form should be web based.

 The committee agreed to require a departmental action plan based on assessment results.

 The committee agreed to require that assessment results be reported using a consistent 5 point scale.

 Cooper will distribute a first draft of the letter for comment.

 Our next meeting will take place on Monday April 28, at 1 pm.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:55 am

 Respectfully submitted,

 Cristine Prucha