Graduate Council Minutes

Tuesday May 20, 2008

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present: VJ Agarwal, Rob Dixon, Tim Donahue, Gary Gilmore, Jonathan Majak, Ashley Olson, Kasi Periyasamy,
S.N. Rajagopal, Bill Schwan

Members Excused: Ashley Burrowes, Tom Kuffel, David Reineke, Michele Thorman


Consultants Present: Ray Abhold, Lise Graham


Consultants Excused: Chris Bakkum, Charles Martin-Stanley


Guests: Mike Kennedy


Meeting called to order at 10:05 am by Bill Schwan.

  1. Minutes: Motion (Gilmore/ Donahue) to approve the May 16, 2008 minutes.
    1. One correction: Item 3(b)(ii) Should identify the 4 students as three students with 5.5 IELTS and one student with 76 iBT scores.
    2. 10-0-0; passed
  2. Announcements.
    1. VJ Agarwal announced that there were professional travel grants that were submitted so the Advisory committee will need to meet to review them.
    2. Bill Schwan announced that we would need to have one more meeting to discuss the MBA student appeal as well as the Travel grants and that committee members should email Mike Kennedy with their schedule of availability.
  3. Motion (Gilmore/Dixon) to convene in a closed session to consider personal academic information for a student who is appealing an academic dismissal from a graduate program as provided in section 19.85 (1)(f) of Wisconsin Statutes. Roll Call vote was unanimous.
    1. Student and student's brother were contacted by phone to make a statement and answer committee member questions. Once the multiple questions were answered, the phone line was disconnected.
    2. Mick Miyamoto was invited in to answer questions about the response from the Office of Student Life during the Grade Appeal and Dismissal hearings. Once the questions concerning the Office of Student Life were answered, he was dismissed.
    3. Dan Duquette was invited into the council to discuss the department’s appeal process. He was dismissed when the council members’ questions were answered.
    4. Motion (Donahue/Periyasamy) to support the department’s decision that denied the student’s appeal (4-4-1; failed)
    5. Dan Duquette was again invited into the council to respond to additional questions about the grade appeal process and the committee’s deliberations. He was dismissed when the questions were answered.
    6. Motion (Donahue/Periyasamy) to support the department’s decision that denied the student’s appeal (6-2-1; passed).
    7. Motion (Donahue/ Rajagopal) to allow the student to be admitted as a special non-degree graduate student. (7-1-1; passed)
  4. Meeting Adjourned approximately 1:30 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Rob Dixon


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