Minutes of the Instructional Academic Staff Committee 

Friday, August 31, 2007

9:00    Room 113 Cowley Hall


Present:  Sue Anglehart, Elise Denlinger, Peggy Denton, Michael Durnin, Barbara Gander, Kerrie Hoar, Glenn Knowles, Sandy Koster, Don Socha,


1.  Discussion of 2007-2008 charge.


2.  M/S/A (9,0,0) to approve the minutes of March 23, 2007.


3.  M/S/A (9,0,0) to elect Kerrie Hoar as chair of the committee.


4.  M/S/A (9,0,0) to elect Sue Anglehart as secretary.


5.  M/S/A (9,0,0) to elect Kerrie Hoar as the liaison.


6.  M/S/A (9,0,0) to elect Elise Denlinger as the IAS committee representative for the new Faculty Senate Committee on IAS Progression.


7.  Our first order of business will be to provide guidelines for what goes into an IAS progression portfolio.  We can look at Faculty Promotion Guidelines as a starting point for what IAS will put in their promotion packets.  A short list of items is provided in our March 23 minutes (4.c.).  The due date for completion of this list is Sept. 30, 2007.   The appeals process will also be addressed – maybe the current faculty committee in the Senate can address IAS as well.


8.  Meetings are scheduled for 8:30 am on September 7, 14, 21, and 28.


Meeting adjourned at 10:05


Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Anglehart