International Education Committee meeting minutes



Members Present:  Rafique Ahmed, Deborah Buffton, Nick Csargo, Kay Dailey, James Gray, David Hart, Eric Kramer (Ex Officio), Rick Rodrick (chair), Jeff Steffen, Sonia Syafitri, Josh Van Winkle.

Guests present:  Sandy Sieber (OIE).


Meeting was called to order at 7:45 a.m.


1.  Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes from 9/27.    Passed unanimously.


2.  Eric Kramer briefed the committee on the International Studies Minor: Asian Emphasis, and after some questions and discussion, the committee unanimously recommended that it go forward.


3.  Chair Rick Rodrick reported on the International Education Advisors Workshop which he attended 10/5. Sandy Sieber added information.  She will forward a list of the departmental Study Abroad Advisors to Rick.


4.  Rick reported that he attended the review of applications for International Faculty Development Grants held in Dean's Council on 10/7, noting that this duty of the IEC chair is not in our committee's by-laws, but it is in the Grant Guidelines.  Six grant proposals were reviewed and approved.  These reviews are held three times a year - October 1, February 1 and April 1.


5.  We began a list of items of concern and/or requiring action: 

            a.  Revise the committee's by-laws

            b.  Lower the tuition for International Students

            c.  Aid in resolving the international student housing issue.  It is clear with our charge that this is an          issue of priority.  Also, with the planned razing of Baird Hall where most international students have        been housed, this issue will become even more important.

·        It was suggested that a student survey be conducted to get feedback from the students that is current.

·        Perhaps a joint meeting with OIE, Res.Life, ISO and this committee would be beneficial.

·        Also, in order to become more informed on this issue, Rick suggested that Nick Nicklaus (Director of Residence Life) come to our committee meeting and report on the issue.

            d.  Aid faculty and students in understanding reasonable language expectations in the classroom.

·        Faculty concerns about low language capabilities of international students

·        International student questions about class accommodations, e.g., additional time for tests

·        It was suggested that a workshop for faculty might be useful, which included an explanation of the language requirement at UW-L.

            e.  Other guest speakers:

                        Ruth Ann Benson will visit the committee to report on the Task Force on Academic Initiatives in International Education. 

                        Jay Lokken will report on any international student issues.         


             We were not able to finish this discussion, so Rick will solicit additional input from members and prioritize for next meeting's agenda.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

Submitted by Kay Dailey