Faculty Senate Library Committee

October 11, 2007, 11am, 121 Murphy Library


Present: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library), Barbara Bennie (Mathematics), Linda Dickmeyer (Communications), Anita Evans (Library Director, consultant), Tim Gerber (Biology), Kathleen Lynch (Graduate student representative), William Ross (Management), Melissa Ruplinger (Undergraduate student representative), Shauna Sallmen (meeting secretary, Physics), Chia-Chen Yu (Chair, Exercise and Sports Science)


Absent: Donald Lacoss, Sarah Putnam (both excused)


1.      Approve minutes from September 2007 meeting.


2.      Follow-up on pursuing re-allocation of some differential tuition funds for library use:

·         Student committee has not yet met (may not even be fully formed). No update.


3.      Randy Hoelzen (guest): Overview of Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery

  • Lending increased about 60% between 1989 & 2007. Borrowing higher by a factor of 5. Now UW-L is a net borrower, used to be a net lender.
  • Many reasons for significant increase (ease of use, fewer journal subscriptions, etc.)
  • Costs for ILL borrowing kept as low as possible:
    • Copyright fees are a significant part of the cost.
    • Per-transaction costs are going down, but actual costs are going up, because so many more requests, and copyright fee limits reached more frequently.
    • Copyright fees vs. journal subscription
  • Document Delivery requests:
    • Overwhelmingly Distance Education (esp. Learning Communities)
  • Policies of Peer UW system institutions (variety of strategies, many similar to ours)
    • UW-Whitewater charges students $1 per request
    • Fees are hard to collect (more bookkeeping)
  • Discussion & questions.


4.      Discussion of Rising Periodical costs – suggestions needed

·         Example: UW-L library exploring getting a professional organization or firm to help fund a journal (~$9000 / yr) used only by accounting students.

·         More details / discussion next meeting


5.      Faculty Senate agenda for Nov. 29 originally included library issues, but now postponed to Mar. 6 agenda.


6.      Subcommittee to pursue Differential Tuition reallocation. Anita Evans, Chia-Chen Yu, Donald Lacoss, need a couple more.  Consider serving.


7.      Director’s Report

·         Card-ID number: instead of SS#, faculty & staff will use an employee ID number (“Person ID” on pay stub). That number will be needed as of January 1 to log into various services (Universal Borrowing, ILL). Encouraged to get new Tower One card (old cards have SS# embedded in it)

·         CUWL (Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries) Strategic Directions 2007-2009.

·         Library now open at 7:30am so there is adequate setup time for 7:45am classes.


8.      Adjourn