Faculty Senate Library Committee

Meeting Minutes

11:00 am-Noon, December 6, 2007


In Attendance: Paul Beck (Library), Melissa Ruplinger (Undergraduate student rep), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Barbara Bennie (Mathematics), Tim Gerber (Biology), William Ross (Management), Shauna Sallmen (Physics), Katie Lynch (Graduate student rep), Sarah Putnam (Undergraduate student rep), Chia-Chen Yu (Chair, Exercise and Sports Science)


Consultant: Anita Evans (Library Director)


*The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am.

*Approved the minutes from November 15, 2007


*Report on Pursuing Reallocation of Differential Tuition Funds for Library Use


            Yu provided background/history of attempts for funds

·         Not much time to process/prepare but didn’t want to lose the opportunity

·         Sub-committee members Yu, Evans, Dickmeyer worked on document and met to strategize prior to 11/26 meeting


Yu reported on the meeting with Differential Funding committee members 11/26

·         Distributed all questions raised by committee members

·         The tone of the meeting was positive but we have homework to do/questions to answer

·         Library Committee members provided suggestions:

            “Theme” the questions and address per theme/heading

            Don’t let the document get too long

            Point out we are requesting a small amount in the big picture

            Break down 35,000 by student by semester (2)

            Does the Differential Funds committee have a “fixed pot?”

Student Library Committee members think this money can be distributed at discretion

The specific example used in our current report is not clear that this

             journal is NECESSARY to keep the program accredited; make

             this more clear

Highlight graduate programs—need resources to maintain/serve them

            Does this help or hurt with undergraduate students deciding?

Use language such as “expanding opportunities for students”

Get statistics for students who go on for graduate work

                        Clearly the library does affect all four areas of Strategic Plan

Student Senators on Library Committee will advocate on behalf of our


·         Future meetings regarding differential funding

            Evans will work on research

            Sub-committee will proceed with response

            Will assume another meeting to answer questions in Feb/March


*Library Committee needs to report to Faculty Senate on March 6, 2008

            Yu will begin drafting a plan for this meeting

            Our Jan/Feb 2008 committee meetings will focus on this


*Discussed Spring Schedule

            Sarah Putnam may need to resign seat/she is studying abroad

            Spring 2008 Committee Meeting Schedule

                        February 1 (Barbara minutes)

                        February 29 (William Ross minutes)

                        March 28 (Melissa minutes)

                        May 2 (Chia-Chen minutes)


*Director’s Report

            Concern with theses depositories/UW campuses

                        Presented as PDF files; issues to be worked out

                        Consider electronic check-out and archival hard copy

                        Evans is revising a draft of related document

            Moving ahead with new ID card for Faculty and Staff

                        Suggested reminders on Web Site and other user-friendly ideas to offset questions and

                                    use at beginning of semester

                        BIG and OBVIOUS was theme for website and other suggestions

            Spring—LibQual Survey will be distributed again; will be useful to use previous year as baseline

            Laptop checkout—anecdotal and usage reports indicate students like it

            Paul Beck – in the future, consider grad school requests to extend hours

            Tim Gerber asked about follow-up on MEPD and services; should they be using own budget?


The meeting adjourned at noon


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Dickmeyer (CST)