Faculty Senate Library Committee

Meeting Minutes

11:00 am-noon, February 1, 2008


In Attendance: Paul Beck (Library), Barb Bennie (Mathematics), Tim Gerber (Biology), William Ross (Management), Shauna Sallmen (Physics), Katie Lynch (Graduate student rep), Chia-Chen Yu (Chair, Exercise and Sports Science), William Barillas (English)


Consultant: Anita Evans (Library Director, consultant)


The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am. 


  1. Reviewed and approved minutes from December 2007 meeting


  1. Follow-up on pursuit of differential tuition funds

We reviewed a follow-up document with additional information for the differential tuition committee

                        Primary points to be addressed:

-         Comparative data that shows how UW-L expenses relate to similar institutions

-         Added emphasis on how our requests fit into the four key categories


How do we compare against other institutions?

-         Data from the ALS (American Library Society) from Terri Thill

-         FTE numbers may be interesting extra information to add to current table

-         Important to compare against similar institutions outside of UW System since the entire system has seen cuts

-         Emphasize other institutions who are receiving differential tuition funding for libraries


Some concerns regarding differential tuition funds from conversations around campus:

-         Should the library receive funding from the University rather than from differential tuition?

-         Does the library fit naturally into the four categories that differential tuition aims to satisfy?


  1. Discuss draft of the Library Report to go to Faculty Senate on March 6

            Outline of the draft

I.                    Current situation

II.                 Suggestions to deal with the crisis


Suggestions for improving the draft:

-         Grammatical changes

-         Adjust tone to address serious nature and urgency of problem (CRISIS!!)

-         Mention the implications of Growth, Quality, and Access – (e.g. price jumps associated with crossing the 10,000 student threshold for some subscriptions, for other subscriptions the price changes as student body grows even without hitting a fixed threshold)

-         Lengthen the overview

-         Highlight our preferred options within the “Suggestions” section of the document (e.g. $1 fee for ILL is not a preferred, popular option, if preferred choice is not feasible we will be forced to charge a fee)

-         Expand on “Request Pepsi Funding” – check that our request falls within the requirements of how the money is to be used

-         Qualify that the differential funds option for additional funding is not certain to pan out.  In particular, there is a general feeling that funding should come from the University rather than differential tuition.

-         Title change - suggestion “Report on the Library Fiscal Crisis,” emphasize that this is not a report on how things are going well

-         Check stats on bottom of page 1 about decrease in e-resources – possibly list the names of the 20 titles lost in the appendix

-         Add a chart showing constant funding and increasing prices over time

-         Add other detailed numbers to the appendix


Response to suggestions:

-         Bill Barillas will help with writing revisions – expand overview, adjust tone

-         Chia-Chen and Anita will work on other revisions


  1. Cris Prucha – Information Literacy Instruction Librarian solicited help for UW-L participation in the I-SKILLS Test.


Students are required to take an assessment test to get institutional data.  Cris is looking for volunteers to administer test to students. The test takes 75 minutes to complete test + setup time.  She would ideally like 4 classes of upper level students this semester (100 students total) and 4 classes of freshman students in the fall (100 students total).


Reply to Chris with possible leads of interested faculty by March 1.


  1. Library head count data from 1999 – 2007 was distributed and reviewed.  The data gives a general picture of library usage. 


  1. Director’s Report: Technology fees for additional laptops for checkout

Currently the tablets that are available are being checked out heavily


Technology funding sources on campus:

·        Student tech fee

·        Lab modernization/classroom modernization funds – working on proposal



·        Contact/re-contact Jim Jorstad in Educational Technologies – propose that the request for additional laptops be an addition to the furniture changes that were made last year

·        Contact Ahmed Ali from Educational Studies.  He has a stock of computers in Morris Hall.  We could ask to share his resources.


  1. Meeting adjourned at noon.