UW-L Faculty Senate Library Committee Minutes

March 28th 11.00 - noon

Room 120 Murphy Library


Members Present: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library), Barbara Bennie (Mathematics), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Joshua Hockett (Graduate Student Representative), Katie Lynch (Graduate Student Representative), Melissa Ruplinger (Undergraduate Student Representative), Shauna Sallmen (Physics), Chia-Chen Yu (Chair, Exercise and Sport Science)  Consultant: Anita Evans (Library Director)


Minutes from previous meeting approved

Introduction by Joshua Hockett, new student representative

Follow-up to Faculty Senate Report on May 6th, 2008

·        Thanks to Chia-Chen and Anita

·        Positive reaction from Faculty Senate

·        Drafts of resolutions for April 17 discussed

o       More differentiation needed between two drafts – one is addressing issue on local level, other addresses on larger scale

o       Include section on necessity of materials for accreditation

o       Examples needed from every college

o       Graph needed on increase of ILL requests


Modifications to Murphy Library website

·        Website is now more simple, includes news items

·        Feedback

o       Catalog link is hard to find

o       Link to Library and Murphy’s Mug hours needed

o       Direct link to ‘My Account’ needed

·        More feedback is welcome


Director’s Report

·        LibQUAL survey getting started

o       Sent out to campus on 3/31

o       Open until 4/18

o       Measures services, quality, expectations, observations

o       Data to be compared to data from 2004

·        Library Endowment Fund

o       Mailing to faculty and friends of the Library

·        Book Sale on April 30th and May 1st

·        Faculty members’ personal ID to log in

o       May 1st will switch to personal ID, rather than Social Security number

Meeting Adjourned



Submitted by Missy Ruplinger