UW-L Faculty Senate Library Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

11:00 a.m. – noon, May 2, 2008


In Attendance:  Paul Beck (Library), Barb Bennie (Mathematics), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Joshua Hockett (Graduate Student Representative), Missy Ruplinger (Student Representative), Shauna Sallmen (Physics), Chia-Chen Yu (Chairperson, Exercise and Sports Science)


Excused: William Barillas (English), Tim Gerber (Biology), Katie Lynch (Graduate student Representative), William Ross (Management)


Absent: Donald Lacoss


Consultant:  Anita Evans (Murphy Library Director)


1. Meeting called to order.


2. The minutes of March 29, 2008 were reviewed.  M/S/P to approve the minutes (7– 0).


3.      Differential Tuition for Library Use

  • No new updates available from the Academic Initiative Oversight Committee to the differential tuition proposal for library use. The committee suggested that Yu contact the faculty advisor of Academic Initiative Oversight Committee for updates.


4.      Faculty Senate Report
§         Yu reported on the meeting with Faculty Senate on April 17, 2008.  The Faculty Senate passed the resolutions: Resolution for Advantage Wisconsin: Growing the Research Infrastructure (Library Component) and Resolution for UW-L Support of the Library Budget for Acquisitions and Access. The committee discussed the steps and strategies to implement these resolutions.

5.      Student Senate Report

  • Evans and Yu reported to the Student Senate on April 30, 2008 about current financial challenges in acquisitions and present resolutions to manage the crisis. Ruplinger later introduced the resolutions to the Senate.  Ruplinger and Hockett explained the student senators reactions to the suggested sources of funding, and the resolution for UW-L Support of the Library Budget was slightly modified. Student Senate will vote on May 7 for these resolutions.


6.      Annual Report

§         The committee reviewed and discussed the committee’s accomplishments and activities during the 2007-2008 academic year.

§         Suggestions were also addressed for the Library Committee’s goals next year:

                                                   i.      Discuss resolutions for budget issues and provide suggestions to the Library.

                                                 ii.      Discuss impact of Growth, Quality and Access on the Library.

                                                iii.      Discuss results of LibQUAL+ survey and recommend action steps.


7.      Director’s Report

  • The latest budget issues and concerns:  for next year projections are for at least $27,000 in cuts to the periodicals collection.
  • LibQUAL+” survey, a survey of user perceptions about library services. Over 2000 responses were received, and over 500 comments. 
  • Modification of Murphy Library website. The Library is still looking for users’ input.  A link is off the library home page.
  • Evans expressed her thanks to Chair Chia-Chen Yu and the committee, with special acknowledgement of outgoing members, for their service during the 2007-2008 academic year.  


8.      Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Chia-Chen Yu