Minutes for the “Scholarships and Awards Committee” meeting on 2/8/08
Members present: Butterfield, Gedicks, Hasenbank, Kirsch, Leonard-Anderson, Majewski, and Sarah Olson (coordinator)
The meeting convened at 3:30 pm and established the following timeline:
--February 19: Freshmen Applications Available
--Wednesday, March 5: everyone should send all their ratings to Jon Hasenbank at hasenban.jon@uwlwx.edu
--Friday, March 7: meeting to review all applicants at 3:00 pm in Cleary Center
--Wednesday, March 12: interview student candidates at 4:00 pm in Cleary Center
--Reception: April 28
It was also decided that Mary Leonard and Heather Mortell would read the Libiecki and McIlraith scholarship applications exclusively.
The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.  
Taken by Bradley Butterfield